Friday's coffee date (or wine date), Rife Updates and Insight Fractals

Friday's coffee date

 Bbrrr....Coffee, Wine, Rain, Fire and Dogs

Greetings from a rain drenched Southern California! Normally we do our coffee date in the am but today we are LATTE!...LOL So we are left wondering if today should be our fist ever "wine date"?
It is cold and wet here in California and what better way to celebrate some much needed rain than laying in front the fireplace, wine in hand... or in this case some doggy treats! It really is a dog's life!

We wanted to quickly share some thoughts about RIFE Technology as well as Fractals and our new Insight Motivator. Enjoy....

Fractal for inspiration

Fractals & Insight Motivator App

Our new app Insight Motivator combines some really cool features, including fractals... and personalized fractals!!!!

The purpose of creating energy fractals is to materialize the energies of our aspirations, wants and needs of the physical, emotional and spiritual levels

Fractal energy penetrates much deeper into the being than we could possibly imagine. Every fractal in itself has some energy effect just like any color or a picture on the wall has.

Fractals & Insight Motivator App


INSIGHT MOTIVATOR, Combines kaleidoscopic fractal animations, ancient healing Solfeggio Tones, Vedic Astrology, Symbolic Fractals, Binaural Beats & Powerful Healing Music & Mantra's.

INSIGHT MOTIVATOR is designed to help you clear your blockages and manifest your goals and intentions. Can be used in a clinical setting and at home!

The process of discovery is safe & gentle, designed to magnify your intentions.

ps: Imagine if there was a way we could create customized fractals and animations of our name and birthdate or even our favorite scripture and or affirmation.....

Well.... coming to an app near you!

Fractal for source Fractal for happiness Fractal for freedom

Insight RIFE App

New RIFE App

If you have not upgraded yet for only $15, then here is the link:
Upgrade Now: Click Here 
(you need to be an existing Quantum RIFE owner to be eligible for this upgrade)

Ryan we have had a few queries regarding the operation and use of the Insight RIFE App...

If you fancy a quick read to answer these questions then click here

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