Kaleidoscopic Fractal Animations and Fractals In Nature

Romanesco cauliflower

Fractals are a glimpse into the controlled chaos of the natural world. They create beautiful patterns in nature. Man has learned to duplicate these patterns. But is there a way to use them to our benefit? The link between fractal animations and fractals in nature provides the answer.

What are fractals?

Fractals are complex patterns that repeat themselves at different magnifications. This is called “self-similarity”. Another way to say it is that fractals are pictures of expanding symmetry. The pattern stays unchanged as it expands. The result is an image which defies physics and geometry and looks infinite.


Fractals in nature

Practical science has written off the universe as a random series of unassociated things. But the discovery of fractals in nature challenges this. Fractals represent intelligence and order in a universe that is thought to be chaotic and random.

And fractals are everywhere in nature once you know how to see them.

Romanesco cauliflowerRomanesco cauliflower

This form of cauliflower is the ultimate fractal vegetable with it’s pattern the natural representation of the Fibonacci or golden spiral.
If you divide a fractal pattern into parts you get a nearly identical reduced-size copy of the whole. The tiniest stem of this cauliflower is an exact copy of the entire cauliflower. We are the sum of all our parts!
fractal animations and fractals in nature could affect realityLeaves and trees

Many plants follow simple growth formulas that generate fractals in their leaf patterns. Trees themselves are wonderful fractals as well. The trunk and branches of an average pine tree match an image of the twig and needles of the same pine tree. Even the root system is nothing more than a large underground fractal, where large roots branch off to secondary roots, which then turn into small reaching roots. And every pattern mimics the whole.

Peacock Feathers

Peacocks attract mates with the repeating patterns in their plumage. But the natural world is full of fractals From sea shells and goat horns to the patterns of an animal’s skin. From the way bacteria multiplies to the spiraling Milky Way galaxy we call home. The patterns of organized chaos are all around us.


All of these fractals in nature left science scratching its head, until humans figured out the algorithms that created fractals.


The link between fractal animations and fractals in nature

Humans try to mimic the actions of nature as much as possible. This is most evident in things like fractals. The term was coined by Mandlebrot in 1975, who combined hundreds of years of research with modern computer technology to provide the most comprehensive view of a fractal pattern yet. This fractal is called the Mandlebrot set. 

Mandlebrot was trying to find the link between our realm and the natural realm. Where mankind uses straight lines and right angles; nature uses jagged lines, irregularities, and imperfections. Yet nature is never out of place. It is always exactly where it needs to be. These fractal animations were glimpses of just how perfect the chaos of nature is.

 The truth is, we are the link between fractal animations and fractals in nature. The human body, from its DNA to the organs and tissues of the body. Our veins and lungs, even our eyes are intricate fractals! and the mind that perceives them is changed instantly!

We respond  to other fractals in a powerful way. Multiple studies have shown that fractals in nature and fractal animations have the same effect on humans. Fractals calm the mind, reduce stress, and make people feel great. Our body and mind physically responds to fractals, both those in nature and animations!


Harnessing the power of fractal animations

The challenge, then, is to find a way to use these fractals to help balance our bodies. We already know fractals reduce stress and promote feelings of well-being. We know the strong connection between food and fractals; but we can’t just carry Romanesco cauliflower around all day, can we?

See, our bodies are living, breathing fractals in harmony with the  rest of the fractal universe. The food we eat and the water we drink also have fractal designs embedded within their chemical composition.

Human DNA is a fractal by design. But so is the food we eat and the water we drink.  Dr. Emoto’s messages from water  taught us that this water can respond to positive images, making it easier to absorb and more beneficial for the body. We know that changing the water we drink can literally transform our health, because our bodies are anywhere from 60-70 percent water.

We had to find a way to apply this. After years of intensive study surrounding vibration and how it affects reality, we knew the best way to combine the power of fractals and the human body – use them to change our water!

This is when we developed the water harmonizer app. It uses fractal animations and solfeggio healing tones to restructure every glass of water we drink and bring harmony back to our lives.

We knew this was the way to go for us; and after hundreds of testimonials from people drinking smoother, sweeter tasting restructured water after using this app, we knew we were on the right track.

We believe that access to healing tones and fractal animations like these can expand human consciousness to new frontiers. That is why we are offering new users to take a truly free trial of the water harmonizer app. No catches or gimmicks; just real, transformed water.


Now is the time to move forward as a people – and harmonizing our water is the first step. Are you ready?
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