Biofeedback: How It Started and Ended With $20 To My Name

Ryan Williams

My name is Ryan Williams, one of the Founders of Interactive Biofeedback Apps and the Genius Insight App & other Biofeedback Apps.
Over the years, a common question I am asked is “how did this all begin?” and the story is, well, something I remember so fondly…..

Firstly, I have been blessed to be involved with The Holistic Health Community for close to 20 years now, and I am ingrained in this industry. From private practices in South Africa and the UK to sales, marketing & training, I consider myself well versed in all aspects of this industry, Biofeedback related.

For over 15 years me and my now ex-wife had a very successful distribution company selling high-end Quantum Biofeedback products all over the world. In 2007, during the economic meltdown, I really had to dig deep to stay afloat.  While other companies doing the same thing were crumbling around us, we found ways to stay afloat and we learned to work with a skeleton staff and budget. It was tough but equally amazing to see how enterprising you can become when your back is against the wall. When you work for yourself,  and must provide for your family, you do what you have to. You don’t have the luxury of quitting… and guess what, there is no-one who can  pick up the pieces behind you!

Interactive Biofeedback AppsIn 2010, I was in South Africa for a 3 month period setting up a business to help sustain my family in the USA. Who would have thought I would travel back to my roots (as I am from South Africa) to set up a business in South Africa to support “Team USA”.  Normally it is the USA providing support to the smaller communities all over the world.

Nonetheless, this worked and allowed us some breathing space. Upon my return in 2010 to The USA, my wife (ex) said she met someone who had an App and suggested we should build an app.  I thought, Oh you mean take our website and convert that to an App?
Yes was her response…Not really understanding anything more, I let it go.

Fast forward a few weeks later,  Ministers meeting deeply engulfed in a guided meditation… it ALL suddenly came to me!  I knew exactly the App we needed to build! I could visualize how the screens would look and how the analysis could be done. Everything was crystal clear to me. We got home and I literally took a series of A4 pieces of paper and a pencil and began to sketch out the first Biofeedback App I ever built. A version of this Biofeedback app is still being used and is called The Quantum iLife/iNfinity App.

Biofeedback Dreams: Insight Health Apps

As a child requiring speech therapy, Speech and Voice has always been close to my heart. Those of you that have spoken with me on the phone can attest to this as well… The biggest challenge was figuring out frequencies and the voice analysis algorithms. However, initially that did not concern me as I felt guided and focused on one day at a time.  As I progressed through the process of building my first Biofeedback app, it was almost divine. As I hit a brick wall, someone or something else would bless me with their presence and I was able to break through that barrier.  It was such a smooth energetic process, something that I always look back on.  From working with designers, engineers and coders all over the world, everyone has played their part in creating this Biofeedback app. From Russia, to Europe, To New Zealand, Canada, India and Bangladesh and South Africa, it really was a world effort. This had never been done before so there was no-one or nothing else I could learn from. I had to forge the way myself.

In May 2011, after 8 months of development we officially released the first Biofeedback App, called The Quantum iLife. By that time after 8 months of development we had $20 in our bank account. I created the first homemade “promo video” drafted the email and went to bed at 4.30am with a exhilarating feeling.

Completing a Biofeedback app that had taken 8 months to complete was quite a task. Equally with no reference point and no-idea how the community would respond to the concept of Quantum Balancing In The Palm of Your Hands. Everything was so new and so foreign.  Needless to say I was up at 7am and I carefully opened my emails….Our first sale was for a double license at $997…..That email and THAT order is what turned the tide and that is why we are still here today!  Since 2011, I have built many Interactive Biofeedback Apps. Some Biofeedback apps have been custom built for individual practitioner use.  We have about 30 different Biofeedback apps for iOS and Android which I continue to work on and develop on a daily basis.  All are high-end Information Coded Biofeedback Apps.

Our Flagship product is the Genius Insight App.

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