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A Shaman to the stars

I am a long time user of the Quantum Biofeedback Apps and just love the technology and simplicity approach to overall wellness and balance.

The ability to access subtle energetic information about myself and my clients with the touch of a single button is well AWESOME!

The team at Insight Health Apps have done a remarkable job with making this technology not only available but affordable as well.
Just try it! You will love it!

Blessings, Shaman Durek

Kirsten Bolwig

I have worked with Quantum Biofeedback health tools for many years and have found none as simple nor as fascinating to use as the apps Ryan has created, especially The Genius Insight. It treats and educates at the same time. Being shown how subtly all aspects of health and wellbeing are connected is absolutely invaluable. Through biofeedback and bio-resonance, Genius Insight can restore balance on all levels - body, mind and psycho-spiritually -   as well as target and kill viruses, bacteria, microbial and fungal infections which is becoming increasingly vital at a time when there are increasing super-bugs and antibiotic ineffectiveness.
AND you can stimulate and boost the immune system.That’s just for starters. This iis amazing technology. Most importantly, it is accessible and affordable too.

Thank you Ryan and your wonderful team!

A Quantum Leap

The Quantum Genius is a leap forward in the field of biofeedback.

It is most definitely the pocket Genius for anyone wanting to achieve a greater level of wellness.

The portability and power of this App has to be experienced for oneself.

So go ahead and try it now.
It will be the best investment of your time.

Simply Amazing!

The Genius Insight App is amazing, it feels good to know a Genius is giving me feedback.

I've tried dozen's of healing tools and this one is transformational. Hard to describe so the best thing to do is experience it for yourself.

I'm currently listening to the Binaural Beats App and I'm loving how simple and easy the free download is.


I'm so happy I landed on this Facebook page.

Meet Sammy
Two Time Grammy Nominee

Someone who understands the art of music as healing.

Hi I'm Sammy Figueroa,
Musician, producer, singer, educator, science researcher and two time Grammy artist. I discovered Quantum Biofeedback over 3 years ago and it changed my life forever!

What Ryan Williams and Insight Health Apps have created is just remarkable!
Thank you for changing my life!
Besides playing with some of the world's greatest pop stars, such as David Bowie, Chaka Khan and Mariah Carey, Sammy has also played with a multitude of distinguished jazz artists including Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Quincy Jones, George Benson & many more.

How are others using
the Genius App in their practice?

Right after I downloaded the Genius Insight App, I used it on a relative who was 97 years old. It was the first time I used the functional zone considerations and I had no training in it. I figured it out by myself as a lot of the Genius is intuitive. Anyway, it was also the first time I used the Genius Insight on anybody else besides myself. I probably had the Genius App for about 24 hours. Right after I started balancing her, she sucked in her breath. It scared me and I was ready to turn it off. I asked if she was okay. She said, yes, it's just that it was a strange feeling. Needless to say, I was shocked and watched her very closely. I was afraid I was going to hurt her. I could tell it was a little uncomfortable for her, so I asked if she wanted to rub peppermint essential oil on her toes. She said yes so I stopped balancing and we rubbed the oil on her toes. After that, she was able to move 2 toes for the first time in decades. I didn't even do more balancing on her that evening. Now, she lets me know when she wants a session. She loves the Genius Insight App.
I was really hooked on the Genius after that session and still am 5 months later. I have many more testimonies but this is one of my favorites and one I vividly remember.
We are getting used to miracles around here.

My name is Ryan & this is my story..

It is no secret that I love The Genius Insight and use iit every day. Seeing a product evolve through a community effort is so rewarding.

I am NOT a practitioner and I DO NOT profess to be one. I do not consider myself as skilled as so many healers, clinicians and practitioners out there, changing individual lives on a day by day basis!

However what happened to me over the last 48 hours has made me question… well everything I have been taught and led to believe which ultimately impacts you as I am always keen to share my knowledge. So, what if my knowledge is completely wrong and I have been sending you down the wrong rabbit hole so to speak?


I was really excited to try out the Genius Insights and it hasn't disappointed me.

I was feeling low and couldn't work out why as everything was pretty great in life, a couple of scans and listening to the healing sounds
and I suddenly realised what was causing the issue and dealt with it -

Thank you so much Ryan for developing the app!

Nothing Short Of A Miracle!

I experienced symptoms of heart failure , severe edema of the legs and lungs, chest pains, hard to breathe. Rushed to hospital. They took an EKG & blood tests and ruled out a heart attack. They performed an Echocardiogram and determined that my aorta was severely restricting blood flow to my body. The next step was to perform an Echocardiogram with contrast dye...

The team of Doctors gave me the worst-case scenario, I could need open heart surgery to replace heart valves. They said the severity of my symptoms indicated that most likely my cardiac arteries could need to be replaced or if some were not as bad, perhaps stints could be placed though catheterization.

I contacted Fiona and she agreed to perform Quantum Biofeedback and that she would do some healing and balancing with me long-distance. She made dietary recommendations and supplements to take and added meditations and mantras for me.