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RIFE & The Cancer Cure That Worked.

Can A Rife Machine Cure Cancer? What Exactly Is A Rife Machine & How Does It Work?

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

What Nikola Tesla was to physics, Rife was to imaging and medical microscopy. More and more scientific publications are being published about treating cancer using resonant frequencies. Science has known for quite some time that all things vibrate at their own personal frequency. We all know how our emotions can disrupt of energy field and result in manifesting disease.

While the scientific community is only just beginning to realize and study this profound impact that healing frequencies can have on the human body, Dr. Royal Rife was researching this process more than 80 years ago.

Rife invented the Rife machine which produces an energy output similar to radio waves. Dr. Rife's theory or basic premise was that every bacteria or viruses has it's own electromagnetic frequencies. Subjecting the body to these specific frequencies would cause the cancer microbes to shatter and die.
This frequency was called the mortal oscillatory rate.

Using Rife’s machine Dr. Royal Raymond Rife suggested doctors could kill diseased or cancerous cells by sending an electrical impulse identical to the cell’s unique electromagnetic frequency.

Have you ever seen or heard of singers who could shatter wine glasses by hitting and sustaining the right note? How about striking a tuning fork held next to another of the same pitch that is not struck, but vibrates and makes a tone anyway? These are visible examples of vibrational reciprocity in the sonic range.

The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 years of suppression

A detailed account of Rife's inventions and discoveries is the subject of this fascinating book The Cancer Cure That Worked.

This startling book documents events from 1913 to the time of Rife's death in 1972. Rife was an optical engineer and technician of great skill. His first success was the building of the Universal Microscope in the late 1920s. With it he was able to view the living cancer virus -- a feat our modern, high-powered electron microscopes still cannot do.

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Can RIFE's Electro-Medicine Defeat Cancer?

Ever heard "It is time to get your affairs in order,"

Or "I am sorry there is nothing we can do for you!"

These words have been heard so many times with a terminal cancer diagnosis. Imagine how you would feel after your oncologist gave you such news? Perhaps RIFE Frequencies will not work for you BUT just for a moment imagine it did work for you...

Imagine being cancer free without surgery or pain? Dr. Royal RIFE conducted a cancer study in 1934 under the supervision of a Special Medical Research Committee of pathologists and oncologists from the University of Southern California (USC)

RIFE was provided with stage 4 terminally ill cancer patients. Cancer patients that the Medical Community had given up on already. These patients were sent home to die!

The Review Committee had to verify, validate and document the progress of the patients over a 90-day period during treatment.

They reported astounding results: 86.5% of the patients were completely cancer free. Another 13.5% received an adjusted treatment (more potent) for an additional 30 days and then they also became 100% cancer-free.

In conclusion Rife’s technology was 100% effective against terminal (stage IV) cancer in all of the participants.

Initially the medical community was in full support of Dr. RIFE work and his Rife Frequency List. However the Medical Pharma soon realized the negative impact this would have on the cancer industry.

The cancer industry is worth over 150 billion dollars. Imagine if there was a possibility that cancer can in fact be cured by a low cost alternative treatment?


Can you imagine having your cancer cells wiped out without surgery or pain? Can you imagine it costing under $5,000 dollars to reverse the diagnosis from “terminal cancer” to “cancer free”?

At first it may seem unbelievable and even scary to try one more thing after battling through the conventional cancer treatment route…

What Can Rife Do For Me?

But many who have tried the Rife Frequency machine discovered that the pain was the first to go. Then they regained their appetite and the body began to restore itself. If you’re like many people, you’ve probably never heard of Rife Frequency or its inventor, Dr. Royal Rife. But it’s a story worth learning − especially for anyone touched by cancer. There are some great books about Dr. Royal Raymond Rife on Amazon and well worth a read!

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Insight RIFE app is a subtle RIFE based therapy program. Traditional RIFE Machines generate a very powerful frequency with the intent of destroying the virus or pathogen by applying the principle of RIFE’s Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR)

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Insight RIFE App is modeled on a slightly different principle!

Instead of trying to BLAST the critters which can create a series of health complications if the body is unable to deal with the “dead bugs” in the system, we try to work with the body instead of overriding the bodies natural defense system.

The Insight RIFE app uses a principle of homeopathy. It is more of a subtle approach. Insight Health Apps generate the respective RIFE frequencies, not to kill the critters, but to rather coax the bodies own natural defense system and kick the immune system into gear!

Our bodies have an amazing self healing and self regulatory capacity and this is what we want to “tap into” and work with. We are working with the bodies own innate healing ability and stimulating the sub conscious mind to become aware of specific abhorrent frequencies in the body (imbalances).

Once the bodies own defense system recognizes these imbalances, then the body can kick into gear and start its own process of self-elimination & detoxification.

In summary, the good news is that you can not really do any harm with Insight RIFE App, however like with all products and services in the health related industry, follow the basic guidelines and listen to what your client is sharing with you during the session (or what your body is telling you) As a rule of thumb any time between 5 secs and 10 secs is a good starting point. Don’t forget that with the new and improved Bija Mantra Frequencies included within the app, the duration to cycle through all the frequencies can take a while. Be sure that when you select START you view on the pop up box the estimated duration of the balancing. Learn More

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Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDx Skidmore College