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Weight Loss Frequency Bundle| Ariel Policano Libraries | Genius Insight App


This bundle deal includes our best frequency libraries for weight loss, such as Ketosis Activation and Fat Meltaway. Complete listing of this bundle:

Bloat Buster

Experience more comfort in your body! Beat the bloat with these powerful frequencies. Learn more here

Fat Meltaway

Fat Meltaway Frequencies are designed to maximize the metabolic functions!

There are 6 libraries in this series in areas of Leptin Reset, Ghrelin Balance, Hormones and Hormone Disruptors, Emotional Unlock Codes, Digestive Fire and Microbiome, and Affirmations. Learn more here

Hormonal Wellness Pack

Healthy hormonal balance is crucial for all. With this set of hormonal balancing frequencies, explore issues such as estrogen dominance and hormonal conditions. Having good hormonal balance is associated with better sleep, fewer mood swings, easier weight loss and feelings of overall wellness.

This includes 5 libraries in areas of Hormone Assessment, Hormone Solutions, Hormone Conditions, Women's Reproductive System, and Sexual Vitality. Learn more here

Ketosis Activation Program

Some of the benefits of getting into ketosis include weight loss, improved mental clarity, prevention of cognitive decline and more!

This series includes 3 libraries in areas of Achieve Ketosis, Optimize Blood Sugar Remedies, and Maximize lean muscle mass and fat burning. Learn more here


Weight Loss Custom Testing Panel

Get incredible Weight Loss Testing Panels for you and your clients!

This series includes 15 libraries in areas of Core Elements, Weight Release Assessment, Systems, Affirmations, Emotions, Weight Release Solutions, Brown Fat, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Essential Oils, Food Plans, Practices, Superfoods, and Fatty Acid Metabolism. Learn more here

Thyroid Reboot + Metabolic Reset Program

Your thyroid produces hormones that regulate the body's metabolic rate controlling multiple systems throughout your body! This includes your heart, muscles, brain, digestive, and more. Reset your systems with the Thyroid Reboot and Metabolic Reset program. Learn more here

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