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Voice Bioacoustics and Voice Analysis | Garnet Dupuis

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Voice Bioacoustics and Voice Analysis | Garnet Dupuis
  1. The webinar provides an in-depth inspection and rationale for using the human voice as a source of purposeful information related to Biofeedback processes.  The process of voice production involves a sequence of complex biological activities. It originates from the production of airflow in the lungs, which is modulated by the vocal folds (for voice sounds). It is possible to determine the time duration of one glottal cycle, which is known as pitch period and the reciprocal of pitch period to determine the fundamental frequency. The value of the fundamental frequency is influenced by many factors like vocal fold muscle tension, vocal fold mass, and the air pressure behind the vocal folds.

  2. Forensic phonetics consists of two major elements. First involves the electroacoustical analysis of those speech signals which have been transmitted and stored; the second, analyses of the communicative acts themselves. This second area involves issues such as recognition of speakers from voice analysis, identification of the health, emotional, or psychological states of the talker and the analysis of speech for evidence of deception.  With the broad understanding that the human voice is rich with information unique to that individual, Information Coded Biofeedback processes have a powerful tool with which to assess aspects of a person.

  3. Whether you are an experienced Genius Insight user or a “newbie” or even just learning about the Genius Insight App, one of the cornerstones about the Genius is the Voice Analysis. 

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