Your Success is Our Success

Congratulations On Your Genius Purchase!
This page details our recipe for your success. It is an outline of our step by step training program.

- Ryan Williams CEO Insight Health Apps

Step 1: Basic Set Up & Orientation

Meet Connie.
Connie will be your first point of contact to get you set up and primed for your Genius Training
(Step 2)

Basic Set Up and Orientation

In this call, Connie will cover all the basics and what is included with your purchase package.

* Your purchase package
* Libraries
* Hardware
* Software Download Links
* Affiliate program
* Other apps available
* Support & contact links
* Training options available after purchase

Step By Step: A Quick OverView

Basic & Intermediate Training

Connie & Claire will be your direct point of contact for these private one on one zoom meetings.

Join Our Community


Join our Mighty Network for FREE (normally $67 per month) and connect with users from around the world. This is your support hub

On going Training & Webinars

We provide FREE & paid weekly on going trainings via our Facebook live Platform and via Zoom.

Step 2: Intermediate Training With Claire

Meet Claire. Claire will guide you through your Intermediate Training via Zoom.

* Client database and restoring your database
* Voice analysis, quanta upload and image analysis
* System overview, neuro remedies, extra modules, bio markers
* Reporting function, libraries, quanta dashboard
* App market place, custom playlists, frequency settings

Depending on your libraries purchased, you may also be entitled to a further one on one training by the library creator. Connie will share this information with you.

Join Our Mighty Network Community

{FREE} Access to our Mighty Network Community  

Normally $67 per month.

* A safe and secure portal for Genius practitioners only.
* Here you will find access to both free and paid training.
* As a member we run regular specials and even offer some of our paid trainings completely free as special offers & incentives.
* Be part of a world wide community & support hub.
* Reach out to our users from around the world & share your trials and tribulations
* Get access to free libraries offered by our Genius community.
* Hosted and moderated by the Developer of The Genius Insight, you are guaranteed to get all the latest news & updates before anyone else.
* With over 10 moderators, you will experience Premiun Technical Support & almost always an instant answer.

Did we forget to mention this is FREE?

{FREE} Access To Our Genius Online Training Program. A $349 value

Within our Mighty Network we have a plethora of both free and paid training programs. Included in your purchase is free access to our Genius Online Study At Your Own Pace training program. Consisting of video's and little quizzes this is designed to support your success. Remember your success is our success!

As part of our committment to your success we offer deep discounts on some of our paid training programs on a regular basis. All this and more within your Mighty Network dashboard.

On-going Support & Training

Meet Denise. Denise is available for on-going support and training. Together with Connie they will provide you with on-going training & technical support.

What we believe

Quite literally your success is our success.
We built our business over the last 15 years on providing the best possible service and support. You see 85% of our sales are generated from our existing Genius customers. We want you to LOVE our products. And for you to love our products we need to ensure that you are as skilled as you can be with The Genius Insight. The more skilled you are, the better results you will achieve. With better results come an increase in your practice income and happier clientele. In supporting you to be the best that you can be, we earn your business.

We call this a win-win!

Weekly Webinar Schedule Via Zoom

Weekly Zooms Calls Are FREE!
Twice a week we host free Zoom Genius trainings. Each Zoom is topic specific with a Live Case study.

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