Vibrationals from Carolyn Mein (Powerful Archetypal Transformation| Ariel Policano Libraries | Genius Insight App - INSIGHT HEALTH APPS

Vibrationals from Carolyn Mein (Powerful Archetypal Transformation| Ariel Policano Libraries | Genius Insight App

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Vibrationals from Carolyn Mein (Powerful Archetypal Transformation| Ariel Policano Libraries | Genius Insight App


This is a Frequency Library and does not include any actual physical product. It includes the 30+ Vibrational Remedies in this series. 

These concept of Vibrationals have been created by Dr. Carolyn Mein. Also refer to her books about the Male and Female Body types for more information:

She says, about the Vibrationals: 

Conscious people recognize that others are in our lives in order for us to learn something from them. We attract others in order to help us see, experience and integrate our subdominant, recessive or underdeveloped aspects.

Yet people tend to carry excess unresolved issues that can cloud the lesson(s) at hand. Vibrationals are specially formulated from plant essences and gem stones to stimulate your own innate wisdom and intelligence, to provide a clear focus on the main reason that person is in your life.

Another amazing benefit occurs when a person takes the vibrational for the body type of someone they are having difficulty with. The effect is the relationship just dissolves and that person goes on their way, or the relationship become harmonious. By taking the vibrational of someone else’s body type, you are able to incorporate what you need to learn from being around their body type, and the energy is clean without all their unresolved emotional issues.

Scott, a patient of mine with Lymph body type, was having problems with his roommate at the time, who was a Brain body type. Brain body types have the trait of continually evaluating their decisions to validate their accuracy. For Scott, this was perceived in an “I’m always right” or “I told you so” manner, and he couldn't avoid taking it as personal criticism.

After using the Brain body type vibrational, Scott found that he no longer reacted in this way to his roommate. The vibrational had helped him to integrate the realization that this was merely a Brain body type trait, not a personal attack. He was more in tune with his roommate’s intentions and patterns, rather than being reactive to his words or actions, which smoothed out the bumps in their friendship.

Taking the vibrationals for the body types of your friends and family members goes a long way toward creating harmonious relationships. If you are not sure what body type they are, either encourage them to take the test, or sit down with them and take their body type test. You will be amazed at what you will learn.

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