Muse Flow Functional Mushrooms | 125mg + Enhanced Ingredients | Muse Flow 30 Vegan Caps | Happy Mushrooms | Microdose Type Of Experience

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Muse Flow Functional Mushrooms | 125mg + Enhanced Ingredients | Muse Flow 30 Vegan Caps | Happy Mushrooms | Microdose Type Of Experience

Muse Flow is an enhanced microdose type of experience with added ingredients for extra benefit.

When used daily, flow offers an optimal type of microdose experience as well as a complete daily supplement regime with neurocognitive and neurogenesis benefits

Flow ingredients:

Proprietary muse blend 125mg plus enhanced ingredients. High Grade Organic Functional Mushrooms may possibly mimic the effects of low doses of Psilocybin due to the potency of mushrooms.

Lions Mane Mushroom: Stimulates neurogenesis and brain health. Improves cognition and memory.

Theobromine (cacao extract):Increases energy. Stimulates blood flow to the brain.

Niacin: Improves blood flow to the brain, Improves blood fat levels, May reduce blood pressure, May help treat type 1 diabetes, Boosts brain function, Improves skin health.

Ashwagandha: Reduces stress and cortisol, Enhances your mood, increases sex drive, balances hormones, Curves anxiety and depression. 

L-theanine (green tea extract): Elevates levels of GABA, Serotonin and Dopamine. Promotes calm and mental focus. 

Alpha-gpc: Improves learning and memory. Enhances cognition and focus. 

Vitamin B6: Assists neuro transmitter function. Improves mood and positivity. Supports nervous system. 

Trimethylglycine: Increases saturation of the Muse proprietary blend in the cells. Helps cells adapt to stress.

What Are Functional Mushrooms?

Functional mushrooms are types of fungi that are heralded for health benefits beyond their nutritional compositions. The exact benefits depend on the species of mushroom used. 
Medicinal mushrooms contain compounds that provide specific health benefits.
Many of these mushrooms offer antioxidative and cytotoxic properties, meaning they may be able to inhibit the damaging process of oxidation as well as kill harmful cells. While these mushrooms may provide medicinal benefits, it’s important to recognize that they’re considered dietary supplements. That means they’re regulated by the Food and Drug Administration as food, not drugs.

Adaptogenic mushrooms contain adaptogens – compounds that help bodies adapt to and fight off chemical, biological, and physical stress. Rather than relieve a cough or get rid of the inflammation that’s causing a headache, adaptogens help our bodies’ stress response systems function as they should.

Warning: may cause happiness and extreme clarity

About Muse

Muse has combined some of the best 100% organic ingredients to give you a complete micro dose type of experience. 

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Muse product line is designed solely for research purposes.

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