Food SENSITIVITIES Assessment | Michaela Gomez | Genius Insight - INSIGHT HEALTH APPS

Food SENSITIVITIES Assessment | Michaela Gomez | Genius Insight

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Food SENSITIVITIES Assessment | Michaela Gomez | Genius Insight

According to recent studies, the prevalence of food allergies has been increasing. An allergy is caused by the immune system fighting substances in the environment that it should see as harmless, known as allergens. These innocent substances become targets, leading to allergic reactions. Symptoms include : hives, itching, swelling, vomiting, diarrhoea and nausea. Food Intolerance are less serious and often limited to digestive problems. Symptoms of intolerance are sometimes vague and can include a combination of the following: gastrointestinal problems such as bloating and wind, diarrhoea, nausea and indigestion, aggravation of eczema or asthma. Using the Food Sensitivity with your Quantum Infinity you can test the food frequencies against your client or yourself to discover any common imbalances! This is a must have...especially in today's world with food sensitivities on the rise. Over 150 different foods to test for!


Watch in awe as your Genius Insight detects your food disturbances in your body. Make sure to then harmonize your items by balancing them with the Genius Insight ⭐️
Look forward to a better you.

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I am a long time user of the Quantum Biofeedback Apps and just love the technology and simplicity approach to overall wellness and balance.

The ability to access subtle energetic information about myself and my clients with the touch of a single button is well AWESOME!

The team at Insight Health Apps have done a remarkable job with making this technology not only available but affordable as well.Just try it! You will love it!


Shaman Durek

Someone who understands the art of music as healing.Hi I'm Sammy Figueroa,Musician, producer, singer, educator, science researcher and two time Grammy artist. I discovered Quantum Biofeedback over 3 years ago and it changed my life forever!

What Ryan Williams and Insight Health Apps have created is just remarkable! Thank you for changing my life!Besides playing with some of the world's greatest pop stars, such as David Bowie, Chaka Khan and Mariah Carey, Sammy has also played with a multitude of distinguished jazz artists including Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Quincy Jones, George Benson & many more.

Sammy Two Time Grammy Nominee

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