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Earth Panels | Genius Insight | Jane Warkentien

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Earth Panels | Genius Insight | Jane Warkentien

The Earth panels offer weather harmonizing from hurricanes to winter storms and aftermath plus much more.  It is constantly being updated and you will receive these updates after you log out and log back in.  

EARTH LIBRARY:  13 Panels. I would recommend creating clients for the named storms/wildfires and making a client for Earth, for example.

Earth:  EMF, 5G, Microwaves, Nanotechnology, Other Potential Weaponized Frequencies 73 item. Neutralize the damaging effects of the frequencies for yourself and home.

Earth:  Hurricanes/Cyclones/Typhoons/Tropical Storms diminishing and harmonizing

130 items.  The creator adds named storms as needed sometimes using pinpoint dates and locations.  Constantly updating as needed based on global weather patterns.

 Earth: Hurricane/Storms Aftermath.   72 items.   The aftermath of these storms include safety for first responders as well as neutralizing flooding, help for victims, dissipating severe weather, etc.

Earth: Land, Water, Air. 236 items.  This library covers everything from tsunamis, tornadoes, flooding, air pollution, water pollution, volcanoes, earthquakes and much more.

Earth:  Mother Earth. 89 items.  This library addresses more global issues from peaceful coexistence to world issues of GMO seeds, chemtrails, cleaning up our oceans. Harmonizing all aspects of pollution affecting each of these three.  Includes Red Tide, algae, harmful amoeba, fires, acid rain, infrastructure, chemtrails and more

Earth:  Planet X.    18 items.   If it exists, this panel neutralizes its effects and attempts to draw it away from Earth.

Earth:  Wildfires.  133 items.  This panel is also updated to include wildfires both in the USA and globally.  It neutralizes and harmonizes the wildfires. It includes line items about the safety of all homeowners, safety of wildlife, protection of property and homes, safety for firemen, pets, farm animals, etc.

Earth:  Winter Storms. 88 items.  This panel is updated for the USA whether a named winter storm or severe thunderstorms in the southern states.  It addresses ice, loss of electricity, safety for all out in the roads, and more.

Earth:  Targeted Attacks -  Neutralizing all attacks on Life through chemtrails, chemical agents, vaccines, space weapons, and more

Earth:  Peace & Harmony     Harmonizing our planet it to uplift it including helping the homeless, exposing government corruption, school teachings, shootings at schools, churches, events; harmonizing all governments, harmonizing all manipulations, catastrophic climatic events harmonization, healing weather patterns, helping all victim of fires etc., war harmonization, etc.


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