Cellular Freedom Technique | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano

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Cellular Freedom Technique | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano

Release the Pain of the Past FOR GOOD!

Is the pain of the past holding you back? Do you want to move ahead in life, but find the deeply embedded cellular memories of past traumas just too powerful to overcome? Are you ready to move ahead in your life at light speed when you let these past wounds go?

Releasing past pain means releasing it from the cellular memory. When this happens, you are no longer bound by your painful re-experiencing (remembering, re-living, re-imprinting) the past events.

This means physical pain may leave your body along with physical ailments and other limitations. You may find it much easier to be happy, to feel free, to release weight and to pursue your dreams. You may find that your physical body feels lighter and that it just feels more joyful to be alive. As Nassim Haramein has stated, "In the present moment, all times are available because it is shared across the network. The present exists in 'no-time.' The concept of time is secondary to memory. Space time should be called space memory. It's the memory in the structure of space that makes it possible to have time."

We use this quantum knowledge to time travel to these past traumas in order to transmute them. You MUST be ready to forgive, release and move forward. Are you ready? Wonderful! We use quantum techniques such as time travel to forgive, release and re-set the cellular memory. In present moment, you will take back all power and in your new state you can move into joy, excellent health and financial abundance at light speed. Get ready to shift everything for the better!


* You must be 100% ready to release the past and move joyfully into your dreams.*

Class 1 - Blasting Through Limiting Beliefs

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What is holding you back?
  • Quantum physics understanding - "If you are trying to cross the universe, you want to get inside the network, then reconstruct the information from over there." - Nassim Haramein
  • Biofeedback Testing of Limiting Beliefs Panel.
  • Why are YOU holding you back?
  • What from the past is hanging on?
  • Learn the release technique and practice.

Class 2 - Time Traveling

  • Re-experiencing
  • Forgiving
  • Understanding how to enter the quantum field for cellular memory clearing.
  • Time Traveling
  • New experience
  • New cellular memory
  • Present moment, physical, emotional and cellular transmutation and transformation.

Class 3 - Transmuting Memory for Cellular Renewal

  • Repetition of the time travel and new experience.
  • Stamp, cancel, burn, bathe in ultraviolet light.
  • Biofeedback testing for embracing new beliefs.
  • Biofeedback testing for affirmations.
  • What is it that you want, really want?
  • Creating health, vitality and abundance with Cellular Freedom Technique.

Class 4 - Quantum Leap

  • Time travel was to the past and bringing to present moment.
  • Time travel to future and imprint your new reality.
  • Specific abundance techniques.
  • How health is rejuvenated in this process.
  • How financial abundance flows quickly and easily as you continue to clear the cellular memory.
  • Moving toward higher levels of clearing and joy.
  • Possibility of life extension and slowing of aging process.

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