Understanding The Genius Insight Voice Analysis Engine

Understanding Voice Analysis Techniques with The Genius Insight App

Voice Analysis is a relatively new analysis technique. Understanding voice patterns and responses has been around for some time and in many ways the common lie detector utilizes these exact same principles. In the world of Quantum Biofeedback, which I have been involve with for well over 15 years, I have seen it all… Miracles, dubiosity (if there is such a word) and well everything in between. I started my journey with electro-dermal screening technology, where the practitioner would apply a probe to the client and register a reading. Sadly to my dismay, I realized that there were so many variables, I never felt confident with the results.

 During Genius Insight Voice Analysis, we gather the voice data and process it through a Fast Fourier to simplify the complex wave shape and then compare this wave shape or pattern to a series of items in a database to yield results. All these calculations are present, accounted for and even patented (we filed a provisional patent about 3 years ago) So from the “science” part, the “stuff” is there. However in the traditional allopathic medical community, I think we all know what their response would be.  However, in our opinion their belief systems are somewhat antiquated. It is interesting to see how many MD's study complementary methods versus complementary practitioners deciding they want too become an MD. The stats speak for themselves!


A Perfect Science?

Is this a perfect science? Absolutely NOT and we certainly make no claims as such. Complementary medicine is still so so new and we are learning new things each and every day. “Real scientists” are only now beginning to verify and validate “Chakra’s and Meridians” A dear friend of ours Dr. Thornton Streeter has been involved in such research and it is fascinating to see how little we know and yet how much we are learning. The good news is that "chakra's & meridian's" are now being scientifically validated. In the same way, The Genius Insight App as well many different technologies, all part of an emerging field of “diagnostics” and “holistic treatments” and there is no measuring stick we can compare them against. In some ways, we are all as a collective consciousness contributing to this emerging field, with little guidance. However we (as pioneers) which includes the practitioners like yourself out in the field are all part of the evolution. This excites me to be part of this process.  The evolution is dependent upon feedback from users in the field. This is why we offer free updates. The more feedback we get, the more we learn from users like yourself the more we understand about our technology and we are always constantly refining our algorithms.


Stepping Into The Same Stream Twice?

The manner in which we run an analysis ( as well as other similar technology) is that we are taking a snapshot of the body at a specific point in time. The body is in a  constant state of flux, and our measuring process reflects that natural ebb and flow of homeostasis. There is an old saying that you can’t step in the same stream twice… Whether this analogy is accurate or not, what this means to me is that the stream is always moving and we can never “repeat that experience”. The action might be the same, the experience might be similar but it is never the exact same. In the same way, when we use Quantum Biofeedback, we are stepping into the human body at a specific point in time. As we “step into the body” we are experiencing what is going on with them at that point in time. What is important is the ability to stay present at that time and in the case of the “stream” enjoy the experience or in the case of the body “analyze what is happening in that moment” The human body is being bombarded by trillions of electro magnetic frequencies every second. We absorb what we need and discard what we don’t need. In the same way, when we are balancing the items, the body absorbs what it needs and discards what it doesn’t need. 

Lie To Me!

Something else to consider is to compare Quantum Biofeedback to the more traditional “Voice Stress Test” or a common “Lie Detector” The way a lie detector works is by measuring your physiological response. That initial spike or increase in the physiology. Let me give you an example and this is where Quantum Biofeedback fits in so well: I ask you a question that causes your physiology to respond. So as an example you decide to “lie to me”.  That decision causes an instant change in your physiology… It causes either your heart rate, skin perspiration, brain wave to have a “spike” and this is what is measured. This is your true reaction or initial spike. Now if I ask you the same question again, your physiology has already had the “spike” and now your response is more controlled. Therefore this reading would be a false positive. In the same way with Quantum Biofeedback, when we are Testing the individual we are looking for that initial spike… That initial reaction within the body…. Lastly, there is no perfect science out there. For a certain diagnostic to occur, there is normally a barrage of tests that are conducted. There is no MD out there that would make any diagnostic based upon a single result. It is my hope and aim, that individuals will not use this as a “diagnostic tool” but rather view this as a tool that presents certain possibility and probabilities. So often we as practitioners get tunnel vision regarding our analysis of a client. Client A presents symptoms x,y,z therefore we conclude this and therefore follow this advise. Try as we might, we get stuck in our own patterns of analysis, mostly based on our own experiences. What the Genius should be doing is challenging those patterns, forcing you to think outside of the box. After all if your initial analysis was correct, all your clients would be in perfect condition yes? Well the issue is that everyone’s body is different. The reason why you have a certain ailment is different to why I have the same ailment… Why? Because our bodies are different. The Genius should be provoking you to think differently. It should be stimulating you to review the data and apply the clinical context of your client. It should be prodding you and forcing you out of your comfort zone. The Genius Insight is a tool and should be regarded as such.

From Probable To Possible To Certain

There is a conceptual idea from Probable to Possible to Certain…What we do with the Genius is to try and filter the data from a wide angled set of different probabilities…. then we apply more data crunching, more panels and try and find what is more possible and then after what is possible we try to become more certain…. We are trying to filter through the vast amounts on data to arrive at a solution in line with the clinical context of the client. I have also found that Genius and other Quantum users appear to think if something shows up as very high or very low it is a physical problem.  Although it might be it, mostly likely is not and a Doctor running medical tests may not have the same findings.

What Does A High Reactivity Mean?

So why would something show up as a high resonance or reactivity?  Simplistically it is something that is currently disruptive and has the subconscious paying attention and essentially requesting a helpful informational push towards better balance. It could be many things some of which are: ~ Subconscious is willing to communicate about it. ~ It is something from the past, even in the womb or past lives / past generations that has an interfering presence in the field ~ It is something belonging to someone else who has been in close emotional or bonding contact with the client from past present or future and has left some of their baggage in the field causing interference with present manifestation of health ~ It is something having strong impact on the conscious/subconscious like world events, elections etc ~ It might be a physical issue from the past that was dealt with physically but left a cellular memory resulting in a weakness or susceptibility to recurrence of the same thing or something similar ~ or it could be a susceptibility for something if they are exposed ~ or it could actually be something going on in the physical body currently and so on Another thing to keep in mind is that the Genius, and every other bioresonance or radionics device, has a limited language of several thousand words or informational patterns.  Our bodies, minds and spirits have, who knows, trillions or more words in their language.  So every resonance is simply the closest one the subconscious can find to attempt to communicate where balance is needed.  It cannot be taken literally. Why is something very low reactivity? All of the list above except that it possibly has been around longer and the conscious/subconscious has adapted and put it at the bottom of its priorities as new things have surfaced. People have a tendency to see a high resonance and assume a physical problem exists.  Then balance and a few days later re-scan and see that high resonance is gone and think the physical problem is gone.  In reality it might not have been a physical issue at all but one of the informational things listed above.....and it probably was not the exact resonance indicated but something similar because of the limitation of the number of items the Genius has to test.  So when the item disappears on the second scan it might be that the first resonance was not a close enough approximation so a new resonance is being tried.  Or something more important has come up and it is now relegated to the middle of the pack and not relatively important anymore. So we can't diagnose or treat but we can look for informational pattern resonances that might be causal factors that helped set them on the path for whatever is manifesting in the physical or that if not corrected will in the long run set them up for future physical issues.  By providing balancing patterns we may prevent future issues from manifesting or we help balance causal informational patterns to support the journey towards health and possibly help prevent a re-occurrence of the issue.

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