Whether you are an experienced Genius Insight user or a “newbie” or even just learning about the Genius Insight App, one of the cornerstones about the Genius is the Voice Analysis. Utilizing Voice Analysis, we are able to glean certain information about your current state of health. Everyone’s body is different. We all exhibit different physiological parameters from Brain Wave’s to Heart Rate Variability to Galvanic Skin Resistance even to a unique voice imprint. Many holistic and even allopathic modalities utilize these physiological aspects to learn more about the human body.

The image to the left is a “screen grab” of The Genius Insight Voice Analysis page, where you record your voice. The numbers on the bottom left are not just pretty numbers but actually a reflection of the dominant frequencies in your voice. Genius Insight App analyzes your voice, calculating the formants and displaying these on the accumulated radial spectrograph (the circle thing)

What Can I Do With This Information?

Unless you are a skilled voice analysis expert, the formants will not be beneficial. However, what we suggest you do before each session is to select the Voice Harmonics icon on the bottom left and listen to these tones for about 30 secs. We use a symmetric mirror composition as a harmonizing sound, compensating the excess tones thereby reducing their power and increasing the weaker ones by raising them. The goal is to create a state of relaxation while increasing your concentration. We feel this process primes your client for the BEST SESSION EVER!

The Radial Graph Explained:

The radial graph is a representation of your unique voice imprint showing the excess and the weaker tones. It is designed as a visual display only. The actual numbers on the left represent the actual formants. Did you know formants come from vibrations of air inside your vocal tract? Formants basically filter the original sound source, which enables us to work with your original complex voice wave pattern. This is all fairness is where the “grey area” lies in that we are taking a snapshot of the body at a certain time based upon their voice imprint. It is not a perfect science and we certainly make no claims towards that. However we believe that with time, Voice Analysis will find itself as a commonly accepted methodology to learn more about the human body.

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