How can Insight Energy Coil pemf therapy help and improve your child growth?

Research has indicated that Insight Energy Coil pemf therapy may aid in reducing symptoms of emotional distress and bring calm to a child’s life.

The pituitary gland, “the master control gland” is a small pea-sized gland that plays a major role in regulating vital body functions and general well being. It is referred to as the body's 'master gland' because it controls the activity of most other hormone-secreting glands. Research has indicated how pemf therapy is so beneficial

It’s amazing that a pea sized gland, just below the base of the brain could manage so much in the human body.

What happens when the pituitary gland isn’t working? Can pemf therapy help?

Anything it manages will also begin to malfunction, and for pre-teens and other children this could mean lack of ability to grow.

The good news is that research indicates that pemf therapy stimulates the pituitary gland, and it has the potential to help children grow.

The Insight Energy Coil is non-invasive, and it has been shown to work as a wonderful complementary therapy to other treatments. 

In a world where Autism and ADHD is on the rise in children, Insight Energy Coil pemf therapy has been found to have a calming effect on the nervous system. By turning off the sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight portion of our autonomic or automatic adapting nervous system) and then turning on the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and digest portion of our autonomic nervous system). PEMF Therapy also has been found to induce GABA in certain parts of the brain. Which means it blocks, or inhibits, certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system.

When the body relaxes, the parasympathetic nervous system takes control and the body can start or continue its natural healing process.

This pemf therapy technology has been shown to help tremendously with the 'scatterbrain' symptoms of ADHD in children, as well as most learning, and behavioral difficulties. 


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