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Pekana Spagyric Remedies - Custom Testing Library and Guide | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano

Spagyric Remedies are powerful physical and energetic remedies! Get the Pekana Remedies including a complete guide to all the remedies! Pekana homeopathic spagyric remedies help to speed up the body’s immune response and healing processes.

They also stimulate the production of vital enzymes that play a decisive role in metabolism and immuno-biological reactions and act as natural antimicrobials. In addition, the high energy remedies help damaged organ tissues function efficiently again, which improves the excretion of toxons. This type of holistic therapy creates no microbial resistance and produces no negative side effects. What are Spagyrics?

They were developed by the 16th century Swiss Physician and alchemist Paracelsus. Spagyrism represents a form of homeopathy in whic both vital healing energy and active substances are extracted from medicinal plants, creating powerful mother tinctures that can be further potentized. The word spagyrics literally translated means “separate” (spao) and “united” (ageiro). The term spagyric means to take something part and then re-unite into the therapeutic remedy. 

Remedy List

  • Ailgeno - for treatment of spleen diseases, stimulation and detoxification of the spleen and liver and promoting a healthy metabolism. This medication also regulates the function of the digestive system. This in turn helps to stimulate the entire intestinal tract. It also allows the body to burn up toxic deposits that have accumulated in the spleen and other organs. This remedy is likely to come up for patients with severe illnesses.
  • Akutur - Acute urological infections are frequently caused by a systemic infection manifested in the urological tract, while chronic cystitis results from an impaired metabolism that accompanites old age or prostate infections. This medication eliminates the underlying cause of cystitis, nephritis and urethritis. apo Dolor
  • apo Enterit - Nausea, adominal cramping and symptoms and colitis. 
  • apo Hepat - The primary remedy for stimulating and regulating vital metabolic functions, which include the indispensable duties for excretion, detoxification and phagocytosis. The medication also regulates gallbladder and pancreatic function. In addition, practitioners should always prescribe ap-Hepat drops to support key liver functions whenever chronic illnesses are present or prevent their onset.
  • apo Infekt - Helps with bacterial and viral infections. This antimicrobial medication also stimulates the immune system to eliminate pathogens and toxins that can block proper metabolism. The antibacterial qualities are essential for treatment of acute infections of the intestines, bladder, kidneys, bronchials and other organis. All pus-producing infections, such as bronchitis, tonsillitis  and otitis media indicate that ap-Infekt could be very beneficial. Increasingly resistant microbes very likely make this spagyric remedy very imporant!
  • apo Oedem - Helps with edema, including cardio, hepatic, renal and lymphatic. The remedy also helps relieve swollen ankles due to water retention, abdominal bloating and venous stasis. 
  • apo Pulm expectorant syrup-  For treatment of bronchial infections and congestion with thick, difficult to expectorate mucus which can happen in bronchitis and pneumonia. This preparation reduces irritation and promotes the expectoration of mucus that obstructs the breathing passageways. Amaziingly, the combination of apo-Pulm when someone does have an upper respiratory infection can move through it much more quickly especially when apo Pulm is combined with other Pekana remedies. 
  • apo Rheum - Resolves painful, infammatory sensations caused by soft tissue rheumatism. This medication treats gout, muscular pain and inflammation, neck stiffness, joint pain and neuralgia. 
  • apo STOM - Treats afflictions of the GI tract and regulates stomach function, including proper acid regulation and stomach secretion. This is so needed today! This remedy also eliminates the underlying cuases of stomach overacidity, gastritis and gastroenteritis. It also helps to heal leaky gut syndrome! 
  • apo STRUM - For treatment of thyroid dysfunction. This remedy reduces the tightness and pressure in the thyroid gland. It helps to regulate heart function damaged by a thyroid condition and combats hardening and thickening of the thyroid gland. In addition, it hinders increased goiter size, addresses nervous weakness, tremors and a general emotional or depressed mood, as well as pressure and tightness in the gland. This remedy may also assist with cardiac issues that frequently accompany thyroid dysfunction, including tachycardia or a feeling of tightness and shortness of breath during physical activity. 
  • apo TUSS - a natural antimicrobial indicated for treatment of coughs, bronchitis or mucosal inflammation, asthma, pharyngitis, laryngitis and hoarseness.
  • Bronchi Pertu - For treament of asthma, laryngitis, cough. Loosens mucous membrane congestion, eliminates accompaying spasms and stimulates the excretion of toxins that cause symptoms such as dry cough with stabbing pain and pus. 
  • Cangust - For prophylaxis or treatment following a heart attack. Provides anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic properties that help prevent coronary insufficiency and sclerosis. 
  • Cardinorma - For treatment of cardiac insufficiency, heart muscle weakness, angina pectoris, arterosclerosis, tachycardia and cardiac spasms. The medication also improves circulation of the coronary vessels, increases oxygen utilization and helps the body deal with exogenic intoxification and other underlying causes of heart disease. 
  • co Hypert - This medication reduces and controls high blood pressure, particularly in cases where no easily recognizable cause can be diagnosed. 
  • coro Calm - cardiac sedative for treatment of tachycardia and disrupted circulatory functions, as well as anxiety, fear, worry and psychic unrest that frequently accompany these conditions. The remedy regulates blood pressure, improves oxygen utlization and helps eliminate fear and nausea that may accompany circulatory anomalies, and assits regulation in both the digesitve system and the heart. 
  • Dalektro - Contains homeopathic minerals that normalize regulation of the electrolye system and stimulate enzyme activity. These homeopathic minerals differ from standard mineral supplements by activing as vital catalysts that activate profound chemical changes to help return a chornically ill body to health. They also provide a unique stimulant that enables the body to utilize trace elements present in the digestive tract and replace those missing at the cellular level. 
  • Defaetone - Regulates proper intestinal function and words as a gentle laxative to relieve acute and chronic constipation. This remedy also treats spastic colic and nervous indigestion. 
  • Dercut - Treatment of a wide variety of skin dseases including acne, psoriasis, eczema, herepes, herpes zoster and impetigo. 
  • Fepyr - Acute respiratory tract or gut infection where a high fever is present. Helps the body to mount an immune response against viruses. 
  • Ferrodonna - Remedy for anemia. Regeneration of cells following blood loss or prevention of iron deficiency. 
  • Formiplus - Formic acid drops. For arthritic and rheumatic conditions. Assists with allergic conditions. 
  • Glautrakt - For treatment of glaucoma, cataracts and weak vision. Helps reverse degenerative conditions. This includes disturbed circulation to the eyes. For inflammation of the iris and cornea, sclerotic vessels and cloudy vision. 
  • Glucorect - Regulates blood sugar levels and treats metabolic disturbances and lead to diabetes. This remedy addresses intestinal dysfunction, dysfermentation of the liver, colic, insulin secretion and diabetic ulcers. 
  • Habifec - For treatment of recurrent acute and chronic illnesses due to genetic or constitutional influences. 
  • Helmin - Helps change the intestinal terrain and can fight minor parasites like worms. 
  • Formiplus - For arthritic conditions and support of allergy! 
  • Glautarakt - For the treatment of glaucoma, cataracts and reduction in vision. 
  • Glucorekt - For the treatment of diabetes and promotion of proper regulation of sugar metabolism. Glucorect drops regular sugar metabolism while helping to resolve metabolic disturbances that lead to diabetes. 
  • Habifac - For treatment of an inherited disposition toward acute and chronic illness. 
  • Helmin - Help to change the gut terrain and fight intestinal worms. 
  • Inflamyar - For treatment of sports, injuries, sprains, bruises, joint problems, muscle strains and acute and chronic inflammation.
  • Itires - Treatment of lymphatic conditions and swollen lymph nodes
  • Juve-Cal - Restorative and rejuvenating for adults and children
  • Kelan - For topical treatment of scars and keloids 
  • Klifem - For menopause - treatment of climacteric conditions, including menstrual problems, hot flashes and night sweats. 
  • LacticPlus - Create a more alkaline pH and promotes a healthy biological terrain and proper metabolism.
  • Mucan - For treatment of yeast and fungal infection. Helps to promote a healthy acid-base balance. 
  • Mundipur - For elimination of toxic waste products lodged in tissues and organs. For cleaning and purifying the connective tissues. Mundipur drops help alleviate symptoms that accompany a slowed or derailed metabolism. 
  • Neurogen - Spagyric syrup. For treatment of mental and physical exhaustion. The fast pace of modern life places large demands on many individuals mental and physical performance. As a result, it is necessary to help the body overcome mental strain and emotional exhaustion. Neuregen syrup helps restore proper organ function and energetically balance the performance of the body through gentle regulation. 
  • Okoubaka - For the treatment of gastroenteritis, intestinal infections/intoxication and diarrhea. 
  • Opsonat - For treatment of inflammation of the mucous membranes and focal infections. Stimulates the immune response.
  • Oss-regen - For osteoporosis, ostitis, proper bone healing and prevention of degenerative bone disease.
  • Otidolo (Ear Drops) - For external treatment of ear infection and inflammation, otitis external and extra media. 
  • Plevent - For treatment of lipo metabolic disturbances. Promotes proper fat metabolism and assists with weight loss. 
  • Proaller - For treatment of allergies and hay fever.
  • Proscenat - For prostate infections and painful urination.
  • Psy-Stabil - For anxiety, lack of concentration, restlessness and nervous exhaustion
  • Radinex - Defending the body against the effects of radiation. Helps to detoxify electromagnetic frequencies from the connective tissue matrix. 
  • Renelix - For stimulating and detoxifying the kidneys, bladder and urological tract. Renelix drops support the excretion of concrement (protein concretions, calculi) and toxins deposited in the kidney cells and helps to restore normal kidney function. Renelix drops helps to counteract intoxification through aging or illnesses that weaken  metabolic processes, which can result in hypertonia, diabetes or precancerous conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. Finally, this remedy helps regulate toxic blockades in chronically ill patients, which allows systemic healing to take place. 
  • Ricura - For the treatment of rhinitis and sinusitis
  • Septonsil - Treatment of tonsillitis and sore throat. Septonsil drops are an antibacterial medication developed for treatment of acute and chronic sore throat, tonsillitis and infections of the throat involving pus that make difficult to swallow.
  • Somcupin - For treatment of insomnia and sleep disorders. When stress or physical strain places extraordinary demands upon the nervous system, people suffer from disturbances of their natural sleeping rhythm. Soncupin drops deal directly with both psychic and physical factors that lead to sleep disturbances.
  • Speci-Chol - Treatment of Pancreatic disturbances
  • Supren - For adrenal fatigue, stress, resistance and dysfunction
  • Thuja - Minimizes adverse acute and chronic vaccination stress reactions. Helps in the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis and skin growths. 
  • Toxex - For the excretion of all endogenous and exogenous toxins, including heavy metals. 
  • Upelva - For relief of painful menstruation
  • Viscum - For treatment of the nervous system, cardiac and circulatory disturbances. Restores proper regulation. Mistletoe is also used in cancer therapy. 
  • Zellulisan - Spagyric Ointment for the detoxification of connective tissue and the relief of tendonitis. 


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