Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Program | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano

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Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Program | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano
The mitochondria is one of the most important organelles in the cell. It's proper function and health can make a tremendous difference in how you feel on an ongoing basis, how fast you age and how strong your immune system. The mitochondria is like a refinery, where the crude oil of the body (glucose) is converted to real useable fuel currency (ATP). 
Take care of the mitochondria, learn what it is, what it does and how to optimize it and you have a very good strategy for longevity and optimized physiology. It is important to see care for the mitochondria as an important overall strategy for maintaining the health of the body and for achieving longevity. 
If you master the information here in understanding the mitochondria, it will help you in your work with biofeedback. The understanding of the nutrients needed, the potential for free radical damage and how the mitochondria responds positively to various inputs allows us to formulate a positive strategy in biofeedback. The basic strategy behind biofeedback is as follows:
  • Use biofeedback to better understand the client's present state.
  • What is the current state of the mitochondria? 
  • What can be done about it? 
  • What are the nutrients that are out of balance? What are the lifestyle factors?
  • What are the remedies that the energetic field is most attracted to, or has the greatest affinity for based on your testing. 
  • Then, you formulate an intelligent group of frequencies to give energetic information through the biofeedback harmonizing process. 
  • At the end of the session, use the information gleaned to give the client lifestyle practices that can be used until the client returns.
  • Imprint a remedy for the client to take with them until they return for the next session. 

This program includes testing libraries for the mitochondria, right down to the DNA level. The DNA of the mitochondria is unique; it is different from that of the rest of the body. You also receive an extensive library for the testing of solutions including carnosine, CoQ10 and many more. Recognizing mitochondrial dysfunction is more important now than ever! Here is a program where you can really take some positive action! 

Testing libraries included:

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Anatomy - Including the Mitochondrial DNA, RNA, ATP, ADP and more. 

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Assessment - Including dysbiosis, leaky gut, malic acid deficiency, pineal imbalance, pituitary imbalance and more. 

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Remedies - Including Carnosine, CoQ10, Selenium, Shitake, Siberian Ginseng, Zin, Glutathione, Green Tea and much more (49 remedies)

Mitochondrial Rejuvenation Energetic - Energetic direction such as "All 37 mitochondrial DNA are coherent" and "Human Gene functioning perfectly" (an important gene of mitochodrial function) and affirmations. Very powerful! 

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