Can This App Create Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has become popular recently, likely due to its ability to positively affect the body system. The benefits of alkaline water are well noted, and have people wondering what the next way to get these health benefits will be. Could an app create alkaline water as easy as any other system?

The term alkaline refers to the pH of a food or beverage. Distilled water is at a completely neutral pH of 7. Soda and soft drinks have a pH of around 4, and spring water has a pH of around 8. This is why true spring water is said to be slightly alkaline.

Alkaline water is usually above 8 on the pH scale. It happens in nature when water runs through streams and springs or moves down mountains. Water picks up minerals and micronutrients as it moves over rocks and soil. this increases the pH due to ions in the water.

Water ionizers also create alkaline water by restructuring the water through electrolysis. Restructured water is smaller than regular water. The intestines actually absorb smaller water particles better than larger ones. This may be the reason alkaline water is so beneficial for the body.

The Benefits-

Studies link numerous health benefits to alkaline water. One study from 2012 found that alkaline water could help stop acid reflux disease. This is because alkaline water reduces overactive acid enzymes in the body.

It can also help people with high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Researchers found that people with high blood pressure had reduced blood sugar after drinking alkaline water for 3-6 months. Alkaline water causes cholesterol and blood pressure to go down in long term studies as well.

Alkaline water is especially important for people who have a very acidic diet. Foods like meat, dairy products, and trans fats can create a lot of acid in the system. Acidic environments wreak havoc on the body. Alkaline water is the solution.

Drinking alkaline water is also great for the bones. This is due to the content of minerals like calcium and magnesium in some alkaline and mineral waters that contribute to bone health. Alkaline water is also full of healthy antioxidants. Detoxing the body is simple with alkaline water. Replacing regular water with alkaline water carries more toxins out of the blood stream and leaves the body feeling healthier.

Can this App create Alkaline Water?

We know that the intestinal tract absorbs smaller water cells easier. Alkaline water systems restructure these water cells to be smaller. But there is actually an app that can restructure these water molecules in much the same way.

It is called the water harmonizer app , and it is compatible with iOS & Android devices. The app uses a different process to change the molecular structure of water with amazing results.

The results are based off of the results of Dr. Emoto’s messages in water. His work has created new realms in the study of food and fractals. Dr. Emoto found that the structure of water is changed by changing the vibration around it. 

The water harmonizer app achieves this change by infusing the water with solfeggio healing tones and fractal animations.

Hundreds of users are finding a sweeter, smoother tasting water. The process is easy enough. You gently place a glass of water on the screen of your app and infuse it for a few minutes right before you drink it.

Dr. Emoto has documented how words alter the crystalline structure of water. Because are over 70 percent water, different vibrations will impact us in different ways. We designed the vibrations in this app to leave you feeling expanded and healthy.

The water harmonizer app is available as a free download for a limited time, because we want as many people as possible can experience this life-changing water.

Download the water harmonizer app today for a free trial. No credit card, no hassle; just free access to a revolutionary water app.

Now is the time to harmonize your water and your life!

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