Genius Is So Beneficial!


I am NOT a practitioner and I DO NOT profess to be one.  I do not consider myself as skilled as so many healers, clinicians and practitioners out there, changing individual lives on a day by day basis! However what happened to me over the last 48 hours has made me question... well everything I have been taught and led to believe which ultimately impacts you as I am always keen to share my knowledge. So, what if my knowledge is completely wrong and I have been sending you down the wrong rabbit hole so to speak? It is no secret that I love The Genius Insight and use it every day.  Seeing a product evolve through a community effort is so rewarding. Well a few days ago I received a call from a potential client wanting to explore the Genius Insight App. My normal response is to answer her questions, walk her through the download process and well off you go! Watch the video's, take in some training and reach out when you need help. However I sensed Mrs. G needed more! she was seeking help and I felt called to this process. Mrs G has been a successful practitioner for many years but  has been experiencing some tremendous health challenges of late. So Mrs G, was inquiring about purchasing the Genius but wanted a treatment from someone local, to which there was no-one in her immediate area. Have you ever experienced those moments when you just feel connected to someone? That intangible, unexplained bond? Well, 10 minutes into the conversation, I offer to run a quick assessment. You see, what she was looking for was that undeniable "proof" that this "thing" actually works. Her challenge was the following: "I am not going to say a thing what was wrong and if The Genius can find this out, then I am your cheerleader"

This Was A Major Obstacle For Me!

First as you know we do not diagnose. Second, the core philosophy about the Genius Insight is to move away from the "typical diagnosis approach" and move into the realm of Information Coded Biofeedback. In other words, if you follow the Information that is being translated by the Genius App, you will peel off the layers of the onion and eventually get to the root of the issue.

So, Here Was My Internal Dilemma:

I have always preached about looking for a common theme or pattern with ALL the items that appear on the Genius App. I have stressed that The Genius IS NOT a magic bullet and if this is what you want, then perhaps The Genius is not for you. A CORE philosophy of mine, is to NEVER take a single item and say AH HA! That is your PROBLEM! That concept is just so foreign to me and my belief system. There is no technology out there that has the ability to do this... Or so I thought..... So Mrs G, gave me her details and I recorded her voice over the phone from one device to another and I did a really super quick assessment lasting no less than 15 mins. Did I DISCOVER anything? Honestly a few things however I was really just trying to educate her on the process. You see, after I recorded her voice we disconnected from the phone and I recorded a QuickTime Video of the session and sent this to her via youtube once I was complete. So after the first session, Mrs G called me and well was floored. She could not express how different she felt from the Genius Session. Granted I did not give her much "assessment info" but we did some great balancing. Mrs G, said she has not felt like this for a very long time. It is times like this, when as a practitioner, suddenly everything makes sense and it all seems so worth while. Hearing how you can change someone's live and offer them something better should not be taken lightly. It is truly a gift from above. Mrs G, decided she now wanted to have a longer more in-depth session. As I am not a clinician I was sorta stumped. I offered her another session as my gift to her. She was not interested in this and wanted to pay me for my services. I did not want to take her money. So we settled on a compromise... I would charge her $100 and then when she buys the Genius (which I know she will) I will deduct that amount off the actual purchase price. We both agreed to those terms. Yay! So yesterday I hooked her up again and this time used an iPad to record her voice from my iPhone...Trying to have someone record an audio file and send this to you via email is not the simplest of solutions.

However this session was different. Why? You Might Ask.

Well you have 2 types of clients: Those that are seeking help and will therefore explain to you what the pressing issues are and then those that want to sit across the table from you, arms crossed and tell you nothing and expect you to create the miracles. Have you ever experienced this before? So, this time I explained to Mrs G, that I will send her the recording and the Genius Report print out, however if she truly wants help she should work with me and like with any clinical setting we should have an intake form. While she was still looking for "proof" this made sense to her. Equally how could I fudge the results of the Genius App when I am sending her a report and a video? So I started with the Genius Insight App and while going through the Wellness Markers, her biggest complaint was severe headaches, almost debilitating actually. There were digestive issues, hormonal etc etc but really what she wanted was to find the root cause of her headaches. So like I have always preached, her symptoms were secondary to me as my focus was to review what the Genius Insight was telling me. You have to trust what the Genius is sharing with you! First she herself said she was a very healthy individual other than the headaches. She runs over 3 miles a day and was very active. 

If you are familiar with The Genius App, the System OverView page certainly supported this statement... There were only 2 red items. As I navigated around the Genius, her main cause of complaint were headaches, so as a clinician what we typically do is review the various panels and information for the results to support or help us understand & address her underlying cause of complaint. I popped over the General OverView Panel to run a deeper SCAN and get an overview of All the items. I prefer to do this as it gives me a quick snapshot... I basically look through all the top items and look for a common theme or pattern while reminding myself what the clinical context is. Curiously, there was only 1 sensitivity ~ Coffee! which struck me as rather odd. We all know that headaches and coffee tend to run hand in hand... So I decided to call Mrs G during the session and ask her about Coffee... Now this goes completely against my thinking as like I have said so many times before, to take one specific item and focus on that is well not really the way the technology was designed. However this coffee peaked my curiosity. In speaking with Mrs. G she was flabbergasted! Absolutely in disbelief, she went on to explain that her only one vice is well coffee. She is in her mid sixties and since the age of 7, coffee has been her go to vice. So much in fact, that she has 3 spoons of coffee in a single cup and has 3 of these a day! Even more curiously, she mentioned that a doctor told her years ago, that he believes her headaches lie with coffee and she needs to stop. This was years ago. In speaking with Mrs. G, she went on the explain how intuitively she has been feeling for a while that Coffee is causing these headaches however she has yet to do anything about it. For a while she has also been having coffee enema's as she feels they help with her headaches. If by Gods grace, hearing this again from a completely independent source confirmed her suspicions. Mrs. G could not believe what she was hearing after 2 visits with the Genius Insight App. Now again, let me remind you pin pointing one specific item is well something I just do not really buy into. However in this instance when something is glaring at you STRAIGHT in the face, what should one do? Be like a Doctor and stick to your "protocol" or should you be like a healer and adjust accordingly and adjust your belief system based on what you and your client are discovering together? 

My last thought was to run the Entangled Insights for "headaches (all)" The result came back with a 75% probability! WOW.... This even had me floored. Needless to say, something like this should certainly not be dismissed regardless of our belief system and what we have been told. Even the Progressive Insights came back with Coffee being the highest probability as well! Currently we are working on weaning Mrs.G off her coffee and we will see how this transpires.     

So What Is The Point In All Of This?

Well one of my lessons here is to remain flexible and never be tied to a belief system especially when dealing with Information Coded Biofeedback Apps. You see the idea behind this technology is to provoke the practitioner into thinking outside of the box and considering other possibilities. My lesson here was to realize that there will be times, when something is so obvious it is just staring you and your client in the face. Instead of ignoring this because it does not fit into your "protocol" or "belief system" you have to go with the flow and follow what information you are being presented with. Everyone's body is different and that is where the Genius is so beneficial. It analyzes the Human Body based upon the unique imprint of the client. Sometimes things are obscure and sometimes things are just straight in your face. It is what you do and how you adjust that makes the world of difference.   Thanks for reading this loonggg one.... ps: It is a Friday afternoon and the sun is out and I should really be at the beach. I just felt so inspired by this process I had to share this with you.   Blessings Ryan Williams Insight Health Apps.


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