An App For Alkaline Ionized Water?

Alkaline Ionized Water is changing the way we hydrate ourselves. Numerous studies show the benefit of this Alkaline Ionized Water, but the cost can be extremely high. An app for alkaline ionized water may be the answer.  

What is alkaline ionized water?

Alkaline ionized water is water with a  pH above 7. Restructuring regular water can make it alkaline. Ionized water is water that has been restructured to contain more ions. It is as simple as that. Restructured water improves its flavor and increases the pH of the water.

Water in nature picks up ions as it flows over rocks and down mountain paths. But water does not head down the mountain stream in our societies. Water usually comes from either the water treatment plant or the shelf in the form of bottled water. This treated water has no life left in it. It hardly resembles the water in nature.

A water ionizer tries to mimic the natural state of water by passing it through electrodes which restructure the water. This restructured water has a smoother, silkier taste, and can provide some amazing benefits to the body.

Pros and Cons of alkaline ionized water

There are many benefits to using alkaline ionized water every day. There are also a couple downsides to alkaline ionized water. Studies show us that alkaline ionized water may help people with numerous health disorders. Disorders like heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, an acid reflux disease may simply be caused by disorder in the body. And it is no wonder. With the way vibration affects reality, it was only a matter of time before we discovered that poor vibrations led to disorder in the body.

Drinking alkaline ionized water is  vital for anyone who eats an acidic diet. Foods like meat, dairy products, processed foods, and sodas can create an inflammatory and acidic environment in the body. Energetic disharmony is directly linked to countless disorders in the body. Alkaline ionized water helps correct these imbalances and bring the body back into its natural state.

Cost is the major downside of enjoying alkaline ionized water. Bottled alkaline waters can cost up to ten times as much as regular water. People often purchase machines for in-home use, but the cost of these machines ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Inconsistency is the other downside here. Even with an expensive home filter, alkaline ionized water can only be enjoyed at home within reach of the machine. And bottled alkaline water can only be purchased at stores that sell it. These two downsides have left many people ditching their efforts to become healthy before they ever began. Yet, there may actually be a way to get all the benefits of drinking ionized water wherever you are.

An app for alkaline ionized water; is it possible?

It may sound incredible at first. An app that can alter the water you drink is revolutionary. But there is a way.

We know that the intestine absorbs smaller water molecules better. This increased absorption means less toxins, more hydration, and more energy throughout the day.

 There are a couple different ways to restructure water and make it smaller. Most ionizers use electrolysis, which restructures the water by passing electricity through it.

Yet after studying the work of Dr. Emoto and finding the connection between food and fractals, the team at Quantum Health Apps knew there had to be another way to bring these amazing results to everyone they knew. Researchers spent months discovering the best ways to change the vibratory state of water in the most positive way.

Their results led to the water harmonizer app, a truly revolutionary method of restructuring water. The app restructures water using solfeggio healing tones and fractal animations rather than electrolysis. the results are much the same. Restructured, highly energized water designed to bring your body back into harmony.

After hundreds of testimonials, this simple app is putting major heat on the water ionizer industry. The makers are now offering new users an absolutely free trial. You can download the app now and try it out with no strings attached. Become one of the many people changing their life by harmonizing their water!

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