Nothing Short of a Miracle

I experienced symptoms of heart failure, severe edema of the legs and lungs, chest pains, hard to breathe. Rushed to hospital. They took EKG and blood tests and ruled out a heart attack. They performed an Echocardiogram and determined that my aorta was severely restricting blood flow to my body. Next performed an Echocardiogram with contrast dye.

The team of Doctors gave me the worst-case scenario, I could need open heart surgery to replace heart valves. They said the severity of my symptoms indicated that most likely my cardiac arteries could need to be replaced or if some were not as bad, perhaps stints could be placed though catheterization.

I contacted Fiona and she agreed to perform Quantum Biofeedback and that she would do some healing and balancing with me long-distance. She made dietary recommendations and supplements to take and added meditations and mantras for me.

A month later I was admitted to the hospital. I had 4 heart surgeons perform 3 separate cardiac catheterizations. Entering through my wrist and then through my elbow and finally through my groin into the femoral artery. Using cameras and meters to measure blood flow, the size of valve openings, and the pressure in Cardiac Arteries and the aorta and heart valves.

I spent 3 days in the hospital immobilized while the arteries were healing. 

The Cardiac Surgery team presented these findings: The Aorta had a small buildup of calcium, but not enough to require any treatment, there were no problems noted with any valve, the Cardiac Arteries had no build up or hardening. They told me to continue with the Quantum Biofeedback program and come back in one year for a checkup. They said that the early tests showed the severity of my symptoms ,the doctor said he was baffled as this kind of thing doesn’t happen. It was nothing short of a miracle the condition of my heart and arteries showed during these states of the art tests!

Today I feel great. I would recommend Fiona without hesitation for anyone not feeling 100%.