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Genius Insight Biofeedback

Simple & Effective Solutions for Your Emotional Health & Wellbeing. Your Body Is Talking. Are you listening?

22nd Century Energy Medicine E-book: (Download here)

Insight Quanta Capsule

The Insight Quanta Capsule is a standalone app which has the ability to import frequencies from your practitioners Genius Insight App to allow at home balancing. The Insight Quanta Capsule owner can be halfway around the world and receive immediate help and relief from their Genius Insight practitioner.

The Insight Quanta Capsule is for your clients and should be installed on your clients mobile device. Learn More


Words Can Heal

Simply type in your prayer, affirmation or mantra and our sophisticated Archetype Encoding transforms your statement into a cosmic healing sound. Soothe on the ear and gentle to listen to. Listening to these sounds creates a sense of wellbeing and serenity. Learn More

Intention Motivator

The Intention Motivator App is designed to help you clear your blockages and manifest your goals and intentions. Can be used in a clinical setting and at home.


Insight Royal Rife App

The RIFE Machine application is based on bija mantra core frequencies. The Insight RIFE App contains the entire database of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s frequencies as a audio output wave file. Why spend $2000 on a RIFE machine, when you can get the app instead? Learn More

Emotional Insight App

Whether you call it “Intuition”, “Your Gut”, Your Higher Self”, “The Inner Teacher” Emotional Insight never pushes you into accepting discoveries that do not come directly from you. The app sets up various states of mind that promote self-discovery. Would you like to come to grips and truly understand Emotional Intelligence. Learn More

Insight Water Harmonizer App

This app generates audible Solfeggio Tones and Kaleidoscopic Fractal Images using recursive mathematical principles. A combination of these 2 powerful healing principles, can restructure certain liquids especially water. The Water Harmonizer is a stand alone app generating both audio and stunning visual healing animations. By placing any liquid on your screen, the audio frequencies and fractal animations restructure the liquid. Users report a sweet, better tasting water. Learn More

Insight Relationship Harmonizer App

Can be helpful for any kind of relationship. Designed to be used by both partners at the same time. Analyzes both partners Voice Stress parameters and identifies Emotional Compatibility and Overall Resonance between the couple. Analyzes the voice and identifies potential homeopathic remedies & essential oils to help improve relationships. Learn More

Insight Essential Oil App

Our Insight Essential YLO Oils App, has been encoded with Young Living Essential Oils. The frequencies has been imprinted and built into a mobile application for direct balancing! There are 8 panels for you to both analyze and balance accordingly. Learn More

Chakra Panel 2. Meridian Panel 3. Emotional Panel 4. YLO Combo Blends 5. Nutritional Support YLO 6. YLO Single Blends 7. Spinal Panel 8. Nogier Panel

The Odyssey App

A very easy, and efficient way to focus on the importance of self discovery and creating a better you! Depending on what your voice scan discovers, balance from the list below. Learn More

The Odyssey App

GEO “M” Series Harness

Newly redesigned, The Quantum Geo “M’ Series attaches to the wrists (placed over radial arteries) of the client to provide a bio-energetic or electro-magnetic signal experience.

The Geo harness can actually be placed over any specific area of the body to provide a focussed llocalized balancing. For example, if you are balancing the chakra’s, then it is advised to place the harness directly over the specific chakra you are working on.

Geo Harness Contents: 
Splitter Cord, 2x Audio Cables, 2x Geo Magnets 

Step 1:
Connect the splitter plug to your device. 

Step 2:
Connect the Audio cables to each of your Geo Harnesses. 

Step 3:
 Attach the other end of your Audio cables into each end of the splitter cables. 

Step 4:
Place on your wrist, palm side up to achieve localized balancing.

GEO Rubber Strap

The rubberized straps which are attached to the Geo Harness are easy to clean and consist of a highly conductive material. The strap and Geo Flower of Life will have a 3.5 mm audio jack connection. This will result in a more effective therapy session as the balancing energies will be delivered through the Flower of Life Geo as well as the entire surface of the highly conductive rubberized straps. Need More Install Instructions?

Chartres Labyrinth imprinter Test Plate

To connect the iMprinter to your mobile device, be sure to use your mobile device usb charging cable. Connect your power cable to your device and then plug the USB into the iMprinter USB port. Once connected, the iMprinter is "ON" There is no ON switch for the Chartes Labyrinth. It is powered from your mobile device (iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet) The iMprinter can be ued on the following panels: Synergistics Panel to test for biocompatibility Library Panels: To create your own libraries with the vibrational essence of any items you place on the test plate. You can: Imprint any frequencies from your Genius Insight into a bottle of water or create a tincture or homeopathic remedy. You can imprint frequencies of any remedy or combination of remedies by putting them on the imprinter! You will need to learn about creating customized categories in your training. Then, you will know how to import in this exciting way! You can clear food by placing the items on the imprinter and running Solfeggio frequencies and Sacred Geometry.

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