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Dr. Royal RIFE App
Dr. Royal RIFE App
Dr. Royal RIFE App
Dr. Royal RIFE App
Dr. Royal RIFE App

Dr. Royal RIFE App

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The Cancer Cure That Worked! As early as 1913, Dr. Royal Raymond RIFE literally stumbled upon a process to cure almost every disease known to man. He built a high powered microscope and was able to study the effects of frequencies and the cancer virus. He was initially hailed as a hero, until Big Pharma realized the impact of his research. He died a sad, broken old man yet his research still lives on! Even today, no-one has achieved his success with cancer treatments. 

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Based on the research and development of Dr. Royal Raymond RIFE from the early 1950’s, whereby pathogens, bacteria, and even viruses could be destroyed with no toxic side effects using electromagnetic frequencies. This app generates audio RIFE frequencies designed to "shatter" viruses and bacteria found in the body.

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A Little Bit More

Have you ever seen or heard of singers who could shatter wine glasses by hitting and sustaining the right note? How about striking a tuning fork held next to another of the same pitch that is not struck, but vibrates and makes a tone anyway? These are visible examples of vibrational reciprocity in the sonic range. From this basic understanding, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife developed what he called resonance therapy.

Imagine if minuscule pathogens had energy frequencies beyond the sonic range that, if induced, would cause the pathogen to implode or explode. This Dr. Rife called the Mortal Oscillatory Resonance or MOR. It is technology within the arena of energetic healing, but more in the western mode of challenging pathogens with technological machinery from outside. This is the common premise of all RIFE machines currently on the market today!

Using a powerful microscope Dr. Royal RIFE, was able to determine the MOR of many pathogens. These frequencies have been programmed into the Quantum RIFE App and can be selected to suit the users requirements in the same manner as traditional RIFE machines.

About The RIFE Frequencies

We have been studying how to improve RIFE audio frequencies by observing nature and sacred languages such as Sanskrit, Hebrew and others.

In nature dolphins have overcome the frequency shift issue with complex holographic vibrational patterns.

Not surprisingly the same occurs in Sanskrit and other sacred languages in which each phenomena or mantra also codes a geometrical hologram that expands the limited audible spectrum frequency range to higher realms.

These geometrical patterns seem to be more complex in shape than the ones used by dolphins but they share the same core mechanism closely linked to what we understand by telepathy. We like to call it universal vibrational language (UVL)

We have combined the best of both worlds in order to generate these vibratory rates that can resonate in the full spectrum using only audible sound tones. We call this a quantum sound shift (QSS)

With the above said, the Insight RIFE implements both QSS and Sanskrit in the sound generation module. Our apps may not be like a RIFE machine, but there is a tremendous benefit offering by using our app. Heck we even offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

How Long, How Often?

Insight RIFE app is a subtle RIFE based therapy program. Traditional RIFE Machines generate a very powerful frequency with the intent of destroying the virus or pathogen by applying the principle of RIFE’s Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR)

However Insight RIFE is modeled on a different principle!

Instead of trying to BLAST the critters which can create a series of health complications if the body is unable to deal with the “dead bugs” in the system, we try to work with the body instead of overriding the bodies natural defense system.

Insight RIFE app uses a principle of homeopathy. It is a more subtle approach. Insight Health App, generates the respective RIFE frequencies, not to kill the critters, but to rather coax the bodies own natural defense system and kick the immune system into gear! Our bodies have an amazing self healing and self regulatory capacity and this is what we want to “tap into” and work with. We are working with the bodies own innate healing ability and stimulating the sub conscious mind to become aware of specific abhorrent frequencies in the body (imbalances). Once the bodies own defense system recognizes these imbalances, then the body can kick into gear and start it’s own process of self-elimination & detoxification.

In summary, the good news is that you can not really do any harm with Insight RIFE App, however like with all products and services in the health related industry, follow the basic guidelines and listen to what your client is sharing with you during the session. As a rue of thumb any time between 5secs and 10 secs is a good starting point. Don’t forgot that with the new and improved Bija Mantra Frequencies, the duration to cycle through all the frequencies can take a while. Be sure that when you select START you view on the pop up box the estimated duration of the balancing.


Compatible with Apple iOS and Android Devices.

The Dr. Royal Rife App is not compatible with any laptop computer unless it runs an Android Operating System or Apple iOS Operating System.

Need Device Assistance? Email us for a fully installed Apple or Android Device delivered to your door.

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