New Profile Installation Required For Your Genius App

"Untrusted Enterprise Developer"

For Immediate Attention: August 10th 2020

If you are a current Genius practitioner, you will be required to "Trust" our new Apple Enterprise Profile.

First Time Installation: 16.0.5

  • When you install the NEW GENIUS App, it will create a completely NEW ICON on your mobile device.
  • Proceed with the below instructions to trust the new profile
  • Then login to the Genius App with your existing username and password and proceed to download your database.
  • To AVOID the paywall, please logout of your existing Genius App, before logging in to your new Genius App

When installing some of our Apple iOS Devices, you may encounter the "Untrusted Enterprise Developer" message. This message is displayed to let you know that this app is not available on the app store and a workaround is required to install the app by "trusting" the developer for this app.

The Quick Fix Solution:

  • Open your Apple device
  • Locate the Settings icon
  • Select the General option
  • Scroll down to Device Management
  • Trust the profile Possibility Wave LLC


  • SAndra CEhr

    The app say it will Not open until you can be trusted they do not trust you. So what now? Thanks

  • Fargeon

    Hi Ryan,
    The current version I am using is 16.0.3 and the system is not asking for changing version.
    Is it a bug?

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