Insight RIFE App

Insight RIFE App

Introducing The Insight RIFE App

You can now add your own set of RIFE frequencies with the click of a button. You can add single frequencies or even a sweep frequency. As an example the following text: 23, 45, 678-789,78 will produce the following array of frequencies:
23hz, 45 Hz, a sweep from 678Hz to 789Hz and then the 78Hz.
(Select the sign on the app to enter your own frequencies)
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How Long, How Often?

Insight RIFE app is a subtle RIFE based therapy program. Traditional RIFE Machines generate a very powerful frequency with the intent of destroying the virus or pathogen by applying the principle of RIFE's Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR)
However Insight RIFE is modeled on a different principle!
Instead of trying to BLAST the critters which can create a series of health complications if the body is unable to deal with the "dead bugs" in the system, we try to work with the body instead of overriding the bodies natural defense system.

Insight RIFE app uses a principle of homeopathy. It is a more subtle approach. Insight Health App, generates the respective RIFE frequencies, not to kill the critters, but to rather coax the bodies own natural defense system and kick the immune system into gear! Our bodies have an amazing self healing and self regulatory capacity and this is what we want to "tap into" and work with.

We are working with the bodies own innate healing ability and stimulating the sub conscious mind to become aware of specific abhorrent frequencies in the body (imbalances). Once the bodies own defense system recognizes these imbalances, then the body can kick into gear and start it's own process of self-elimination & detoxification.

In summary, the good news is that you can not really do any harm with Insight RIFE App, however like with all products and services in the health related industry, follow the basic guidelines and listen to what your client is sharing with you during the session. As a rue of thumb any time between 5secs and 10 secs is a good starting point. Don't forgot that with the new and improved Bija Mantra Frequencies, the duration to cycle through all the frequencies can take a while. Be sure that when you select START you view on the pop up box the estimated duration of the balancing.

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Insight RIFE AppInsight RIFE AppInsight RIFE AppInsight RIFE App

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  • Yardena Kestel


    .Im working with your APP for fiew years now, and it stop working
    .I cant even get in
    :it says
    .iphone distribution : 8281602 canada inc has not been trusted on this i pad
    .until this developr has been trusted’ their enterprise apps will not be available for use

    .Can you please tell me whats wrong and what shuold i do

    Thank you

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