iLife/iNfinity Dropbox Sept 28th

If you are currently using The Quantum iLife/iNfinity App and the associated Dropbox Account, on Sept 28th we are going to be experiencing Service Interruptions.

iLife/iNfinity Dropbox Sept 28th

Without getting into the specific details, we are unable to update this current Dropbox Developer Account as it is lost in the “internet abyss”.
We are currently working on a solution to alleviate this issue, however this is what we ask that you do in the interim.
1: Make sure that your libraries have been correctly backed up to before Sept 28th
2: Ensure all your libraries are correctly downloaded and installed into the iLife/iNfinity App.

After Sept 28th: What Will Happen

Your Dropbox file will remain in-tact as well as your current libraries inside the app.

You will however not be able to restore or update your iLife/iNfinity files to Dropbox.

If you are a Genius user, you will not be able to import via Dropbox your files into The Genius App.

In the world of software development & third party applications there is always bound to be challenges. Apple, Windows, Adobe all face similar yet unrelated issues. Please understand we work all day, every day to ensure your apps are always well maintained and up and running. Sometimes things happen that are just really out of our control.

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