iLife/iNfinity App: How To Restore Your Client Files and Libraries

iLife/iNfinity: Restoring Your Client Files & Dropbox

There has been some confusion regarding backing up and restoring your client files using Dropbox. We have created some video’s below in an effort to illustrate how easy this process is. Backing up your client files is an important feature and this is why we have provided you with numerous tutorials and training’s on how to do this correctly. We hope that the below will be helpful. We plan to offer a FREE Webinar next week to provide a Q & A on this process.
However before we begin, please understand that as of today August 18th 2017, there are essentially 2 iLife/iNfinity Download Links. Each download is managed by separate companies: Insight Health Apps and Quantum Life.
The below instructions should work with both download links, however Insight Health Apps will only support the download managed through our company. For technical support and questions related to the Quantum Life download, please direct these to Quantum Life.
iLife/iNfinity Download Link for Insight Health Apps can be found here

Step 1: Restoring A Previous Version Of Your iLife/iNfinity Database.