How does the Genius Insight App work?

How does the Genius Insight App work?

The Genius Insight App is a revolutionary tool that works uses patented voice analysis software to measure frequencies and determine responses based on deviations from a standard range. The Genius Insight App compares the voice imprint against a vast database of energetic frequencies and signatures, including herbs, emotions, homeopathics, virus activity, auric field disturbances, and chakra & acupuncture imbalances.

The voice is broken down using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm, and the frequency of the voice tone is compared against the frequency of the item being tested. The app then looks for discrepancies in the pitches and thoughts between the two items, translating these into numerical values. The highest and lowest numbers indicate the highest probability of disturbance.

The balancing process involves playing a respective tone for the item being tested for a specified duration. Each item contains the energetic signature or imprint of that specific item, so the program works to balance a specific item with a respective frequency.

The Genius Insight App app works also by using a picture scan to identify unique characteristics and birth details, which help to strengthen the energetic link. The Genius Insight App works as a truly innovative tool in the field of frequency and energy balancing.



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