Exploring The Baja Peninsula …. by car….

Exploring The Baja Peninsula

If you live in California or perhaps anywhere else in the USA, there is such an “aura” about Mexico. The media has done a great job with putting the fear of God into us about the kidnappings, cartels and be-headings in Mexico. Add to the corruption, dirty water and everything in-between we were rather unsettled about our trip to Mexico… by car! We were warned about the border patrol and how we should expect to be bribed by the Federale’s….

So we set off on our trip and well what can we say… IT WAS AWESOME! The Baja Peninsula offers such breath taking views and picturesque beaches. The beaches were un-spoilt and the surf spots were well just amazing and uncrowded. In some ways it is sad how Mexico has developed such a bad reputation, however we were delighted in our own personal experience of Mexico and have decided that this will be a destination to visit regularly.  Even getting back into the border was a breeze with perhaps an hour long wait. Pretty much the same if you were flying international. The locals were friendly and accommodating and we always enjoyed a laugh with them. So, if you are thinking “Mexico”… don’t think JUST DO!


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