The Truth About Cancer & Dr. Royal Rife’s Work

Can you imagine having your cancer cells wiped out without surgery or pain? Can you imagine it costing under $5,000 dollars to reverse the diagnosis from “terminal cancer” to “cancer free”?

Many people have been told by their oncologist, “There’s nothing more we can do for you, get your affairs in order”… but then through some means have learned that there is hope. At first it may seem unbelievable and even scary to try one more thing after battling through the conventional cancer treatment route

But many who have tried the Rife Frequency machine discovered that the pain was the first to go. Then they regained their appetite and the body began to restore itself. If you’re like many people, you’ve probably never heard of Rife Frequency or its inventor, Dr. Rife. But it’s a story worth learning − especially for anyone touched by cancer.

Who Was Dr. Royal Ramond Rife?

Dr. Royal R. Rife (1888-1971) was an amazingly intelligent microbiologist with a passion for truth and healing. His story reveals a great deal about the goodness of gifted men willing to sacrifice everything to save humanity from the suffering of terminal cancer.

Sadly, there are others who will stop at nothing to profit from the same…

This is a story filled with intrigue and drama; a message of hope for people afraid of cancer or suffering from cancer. Through the brilliance of several men throughout history, a means to defeat disease was created and lost − and then recreated again. This article is meant to shed light on the science behind cancer and how four men over a period of 100 plus years discovered how to destroy it.

It also reveals the challenges these same men faced from the cancer industry. The medical mafia have done much to destroy these devices and the men that developed them over the last 110 years. But fortunately there are good people who keep working for our benefit. And in keeping with The Truth About Cancer’s message of hope, it is my intention here to bring hope to those suffering that it is possible to conquer cancer.

In the early 1900s, Dr. Royal Rife discovered a means to view live viruses under the microscope that he built (called the Universal Microscope) with over 6,000 parts and magnification up to 60,000 times the subject’s normal size. Because of this tool, he was awarded the honor of being the first scientist to discover, by viewing it live, the cancer virus that attacks human cells.

After studying the cancer virus, a microbe, he was able to determine several different kinds using a slit-spectroscope. It sounds complicated, but basically it is a crystal that shines light through an instrument that can split the light into individual wavelengths. This is important because invisible and visible light are made up of wavelengths that can be measured.

Royal Rife discovered the unique spectroscopic signature of each cancer virus. Then he used the color wavelength (spectroscopic signature) to make them visible under the virus microscope (Universal Microscope).

The science behind this is resonant frequency in light wavelengths. The individual beam or light ray hits the virus and the virus resonates or vibrates making it visible under the special microscope. Similar to sound waves, we hear the sound a certain way because of the vibration it makes in our ears. The sound can also be felt as a vibration, which is the way people who are deaf can detect sound. This resonance is significant because it matches each type of cancer virus uniquely.

With the aide of his Universal Microscope, Rife observed the cancer virus invading tissue in the petri dish. He also realized that the cancer virus takes on different shapes as it goes through its lifecycle, similar to how insects change form through their lifecycle (i.e. the moth lays eggs that become worms that develop into moths). Without this knowledge it is difficult to track the virus and easy to confuse it with other entities.

What Is the RIFE Frequency?

After several years of tracking these cancer virus, Dr. Rife developed a technique referred to as the RIFE Frequency. Simply put, he used the resonant frequency (the frequency that the virus vibrates at) to cause the virus to oscillate and then turned up the intensity or volume if you will. This resulted in the structural integrity of the virus collapsing and destroying itself. This phenomena was referred to by Rife as the “mortal oscillatory rate” or MOR.

The good news is, every cell and bacteria resonate at their own unique frequency with healthy cells and probiotics vibrating at a higher frequency. As a result only the targeted cancer virus gets destroyed, leaving the other tissues intact. The germ gets killed and the body is relieved of the infectious agent without damage.

Rife Tests His Experimental Treatment

In 1934, Royal Rife was given a number of human test subjects. This group was from the Pasadena County Hospital and all of them had terminal cancer. They had been essentially left to die because no more could be done for them by the cancer industry.

Under the supervision of a Special Medical Research Committee of pathologists and oncologists from the University of Southern California (USC), the patients were brought to Rife’s laboratory in San Diego to undergo his unique experimental treatment.

It was their job to expertly document the progress of the patients over a 90-day period during treatment. They reported astounding results: 86.5% of the patients were completely cancer free. Another 13.5% received an adjusted treatment (more potent) for an additional 30 days and then they also became 100% cancer-free. In conclusion Rife’s “beam-ray” technology was 100% effective against terminal (stage IV) cancer in all of the participants. 

Not Everyone Wants a Cure for Cancer

However, not everyone was excited about this success. Rife’s technology posed a huge threat to the cancer industry and medical institutions in general who, according to statistics, get most of their revenue from oncology. In other words, if cancer can be cured they would go bankrupt − and lose out on making billions of dollars treating cancer patients.

They were not about to let that happen. The cancer industry was dedicated to preventing the public from discovering that there was a painless treatment that had a 100% cure rate for terminal cancer. It was also inexpensive because it operated on a minimal amount of electricity.

The medical establishment didn’t want people to get the “dangerous idea” that they didn’t need drugs; that would mean they didn’t need Big Pharma! The medical mafia (American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, and FDA) was on the trail to stamp out, obliterate, and debunk the truth before it could ever get out. And they were pretty successful… for a while.

Dr. Royal Rife kept meticulous records of his laboratory results, including stop-motion photography, resulting in a huge archive of evidence that his Rife Frequency Machine worked. Using a “beam-ray device” − or frequency generator − he emitted electric impulses to gently, painlessly, target cancer viruses inside of the cells. It caused the viruses to become denatured (structurally break down) which deactivated them.

More specifically, Dr. Rife used a two frequency generating machine to send a “carrier frequency” (high radio) and the low frequency that matches the microbe’s (cancer virus) signature frequency into the body. This electrical energy penetrated the cell membrane of the cancer-infested cell and caused the microbe to over-oscillate and implode. It is somewhat like a laser putting a hole in the target resulting in the contents flowing out and killing it. Note: It is very important that the Rife machine outputs radio frequency and not audio for the best results because radio frequencies penetrate the body better than audio frequencies.

Royal Raymond Rife’s success was the beginning of his downfall. His character was destroyed, his microscope was dismantled and key parts stolen. His colleagues were threatened so that they turned their back on him and his archive of evidence proving that cancer can be cured was also stolen. It was devastating, but he continued on with his protocol the best he could until he died at age 83 in 1971 from alcoholism and sleeping pills.