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Interstitium Program: Send Light to the extracellular matrix | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano

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Interstitium Program: Send Light to the extracellular matrix | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano
The interstitium and connective tissue in general must have fluidity and a free pathway of flow in order to create healing within the body. The I has recently been classified as an organ in the body due to the discovery of a massive amount of fluid filled spaces inside the I that was not visualized previously. A new, more powerful microscope has made this possible. This is a reminder to us about how many parts of the body still remain hidden to us. There is much we do not know. 
The connective tissue of the body includes ligaments, tendons, tissue in between the organs that helps to connect them and much more. Any blockage in this tissue causes a ripple effect experienced throughout the body. Sending frequencies directly to the I may have profound effects for organ function and could possibly improve it. This may also help people with past injuries or with chronic pain issues! We don't know what is possible, but by working on this mesh network that is deeply connected it is very likely that it will have far reaching effects! 
Here is a sample of the testing libraries included in this series. The wording is based on the new discovery of the fluid-filled spaces within the interstitium. This series comes with a guide of how to work with the I and an explanation of each of the frequencies. 
I send light to the interstitium
I create structure within the interstitium
I create order with the interstitium
I create communication with the interstitium
I lovingly release any locked toxins from interstitium
I lovingly release any past traumas from interstitium
I open up the dynamic and mysterious movement of the interstitium
I allow perfect flow of communication through the interstitium
My DNA communicate better through the interstitium 
I release any adhesions in the interstitium
I shine light into these fluid filled spaces
I welcome new nutrition into interstitium
I allow new flow into the interstitium
I clear my digestive tract interstitium  
Send light to the tissue that runs throughout the body - the interstitium, which is part of the extracellular matrix.

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