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Healing Chronic Cases - Get Results! PANELS ONLY | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano

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Healing Chronic Cases - Get Results! PANELS ONLY | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano
Healing Chronic Cases - Cancer and More
Practitioner Level 2 Certificate
The incidence of cancer has been growing exponentially for the last 3 decades. What does it mean to have cancer? Are cancers a normal part of life and also a touchstone guiding us to make important changes? Biofeedback holds a special place in the world. We can check energetic status and see things in the energy field before they manifest in the physical body. We can also send frequencies for positive and powerful change. Learn how to use this in practical terms during this special series in cancer. Prevent through increased awareness and regular energetic harmonizing. Help people who seek to know more about how biofeedback can help them when faced with difficult circumstances. 
Included here are the 12 Healing Chronic Cases Panels from the class! 

Healing Chronic Cases 0 - Global Causative Factors - Comprehensive List of root causes to help you understand your cases better! All in one place! 

Healing Chronic Cases 1 - Digestive Assessment - Understand the importance of digestion with regard to your chronic case.

Healing Chronic Cases 2 - GI Hormones and Nervous System - The nervous system is key to healing digestion!

Healing Chronic Cases 3 - Helpful Probiotics - Create a custom probiotic with the correct strains for you! 

Healing Chronic Cases 4 - Embracing positive beliefs - Bringing in positive beliefs that your client is wanting to entrain is of great importance! 

Healing Chronic Cases 5 - Methylation 

Healing Chronic Cases 6 - Geopathic Stress

Healing Chronic Cases 7 - Toxic Exposures and EMF Assessment 

Healing Chronic Cases 8 - Common Infections

Healing Chronic Cases 9 - Hormonal Balance

Healing Chronic Cases 10 - Immune Assessment

Healing Chronic Cases 11 - Cancer Specific frequencies Including P53

Healing Chronic Cases 12 - Healing Affirmations

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