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Did you know the Genius Insight Biofeedback App is free to download. There is no purchase or credit card required to get started immediately. Simply download The Genius Insight Biofeedback App and create your profile. We hate SPAM and will never share/sell your personal details.

Once your Genius Insight Biofeedback trial has expired you will be prompted to purchase The Genius Lite for only $97.

The Genius Lite grants instant access to the 2 highest reactive substances from the Mind, Body & Biofield. Drill down deeper to access Entangled Insights. Balance items for the desired time. Consider unlocking the Mind, Body, and Biofield modules for a better holistic picture. Once all 3 unlocked get access to General Overview, Extra Modules, Neuro remedy, Frequency Shape & Form, and Biomarkers modules

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Genius Insight E-course & Training

Genius Insight E-course & Training

Genius Insight Exponential TrainingGenius Insight E-course & Training

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