Protocol Videos

Weight Loss - Genius Insight 

 Skin Cancer - Genius Insight

Digestion  & Global Harmonizing 

Energetic Vascular Health 

Brain Function - Genius Insight

Migraines - Genius Insight 

Biofeedback and Thyroid Energetic Disturbance

Chronic Cough - Genius Insight 

Infertility - Genius Insight 

Biofeedback and Immune System Boost Strategy!

Heart Health - Genius Insight 

Parkinson's and Biofeedback

Thyroid Energetic Disturbance and Gallbladder Issues

Atrial Fibrillation - energetic balancing

Grief and Nerve Issues

Mitochondria & Brain Function  

Vessel Clearing - Genius Insight

Toxic Exposure & Addiction 

Fungal Disturbance 

Fibroids - Genius Insight 

Fatigue/Hormone - Genius Insight  

Genius Biofeedback - Colds Flu Immune Focus

Prostate Health - Genius Insight 

Healing Fractures - Genius Insight