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Unlock full access to the Library Cloud and create, share, and sell your custom libraries. Your database is safe and securely backed up via our server. Create unlimited testing and balancing libraries and group these together as a Master Branch.

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Bioterrain Custom Panel Series

Bioterrain Library is a complete repertoire of checkpoints to help maintain, detox and restore the human Bioenergy vectors. This professionally designed net is designed to catch in a wide scope Quantum net any abnormal vibrations fingerprints of typical and rare pathogens. Any microbe overload of the biofilm can trigger inflammation red zone or deplete the host minerals and organs.

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Alchemy Library Series

Changing the frequency of thought,

altering the harmonics of matter,

and applying the element of love to create a desired result. A complete panel series covering all aspects of complete wellness.

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Health Safari Custom Panel Series

Over 1500 Custom Panels created by Dr Deborah Drake. Dr. Drake’s Health Safaris provides Self Care Mastery Tips, Foods, and Technologies, to keep on the optimal path to wellness.

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Genius Insight E-course & Training

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