21 Day Plant Based Transformation Program | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano

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21 Day Plant Based Transformation Program | Genius Insight | Ariel Policano

Are you interested in being an amazing powerful person at any age? Are you ready to avoid the need for medications, even the need for most supplements, by taking actions that clear your vessels, reduce the burden on the kidneys and truly help your body to heal in a powerful way? 

Do you see yourself at your grandchild's college graduation? Or still doing long bike rides into your 70's and 80's? Do you see yourself independent and powerful with radiant health for many decades to come? 

A great doctor once said, "You are as healthy as your vessels". 

The sad truth is that, if you are eating meat, eggs, dairy or oil (yes, even olive oil) you are choking off your vessels every single day. They are causing fatty streaks and plaguing to the precious lining of these vessels, some of which are so tiny and fragile and power up your eyes and your kidneys!

Please protect your vessels, reverse the damage and join me for my 21-Day Transformation program!

My 21-Day Transformation program includes:

  • Outline of Detox and Daily recommended schedule
  • Daily emails encouraging you, giving you a daily affirmation, a new video for a recipe as well as a printed text recipe! Such delicious food including potatoes, pasta, tortillas and more! 
  • Recipe book for your program (Delicious breakfasts, lunch and dinners. All starch-based. 
  • Foods to enjoy explained (plant-based, oil-free and super yum).
  • Optimal foods to eat for the season.
  • Custom Libraries for your Genius for your Detox!
  • Learn why foods like olive oil and coconut oil are starving your circulation to your brain and to your eyes.
  • Learn why protein in excess of just 50g per day is completely wasted by the body and is actually a burden on the body!
  • Did you know that it is FAT in your food not carbohydrates that disrupts your insulin regulation? All free fats like olive oil, flax oil and fat in the food causes the highs and lows that lead to overeating! We cover this research in the class. 
  • Learn how to avoid the epidemic of autoimmune disease by avoiding the proteins that trigger them (these include meat, dairy, oil and eggs). 
  • 4 powerful recorded classes with research studies and explanations by Ariel 
  • Unlimited e-mail questions.

Answers to your questions here:

  • Do I need to take or buy supplements? No, this is mainly a food-based cleanse! When you eat correctly, you need precious few supplements! 
  • Do I need to fast? No. You do NOT. Eat during the entire program.
  • Can I eat meat or dairy? Your program for 21 days does not include meat or dairy.
  • Will I feel different after the cleanse? Yes! You will shine from the inside out!
  • Do the recipes take lots of time? They are fast to prepare and there are lots of options you can pick up from your local health food store.
  • Are the classes recorded? Yes, they are! You can listen to them as many times as you wish!
  • Will I lose weight on the plan? Yes, average weight loss for 3 weeks is 5-15 pounds. As many as 22 pounds has been released by one participant! As we learn in the program, "the fat you eat is the fat you wear!"

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