Android Genius Tech Trouble Shooting

In this post we will be discussing how to delete The Genius App (or any app for that matter) from your Android device and then do a fresh installation.

Before You Delete The Genius:
Please back up your current database. Open The Genius App and get to the "System OverView" page.
Select the drop down and tap on the "Settings" option. You will find the Genie Cloud: Sync back Up. Select this option and wait for the message to indicate success (ensure you have Wifi enabled for this procedure)

Now Locate Your "Settings" Icon On Your Desktop
Under your "Settings" icon you will find the "Apps" Tab. Select this option and scroll down until you locate the Genius App. Select The Genius and click on uninstall. Pretty simple huh?

New Download Link:
Your new Genius Download link can be found here:

Select this option and then click on the "Download" This will start the download process. Once complete an "Alert" box will appear asking if you want to open and begin the installation. Select this process to begin the installation of the Genius App.
If You Do Not See This Message:
Some Androids may not have this feature enabled. In this instance search through your desktop icons for either the "Downloads Folder" or the "My Files" folder. Here you will find the Genius Download file. Select this option to begin the download.

Once fully installed, be sure to login using your email and login password (don't forget to use the "forgot password" option if required.

Once logged in, on the "Client Records" page, click on the 2 white semi circles top right to download your Client Records and Libraries.

Congratulations! You have now deleted the Genius App and reinstalled the Genius App from the link provided.