We Say NO to a New Year New You "Cliche"

We Say NO to a New Year New You

We are who we are....

and only by making changes can we begin to evolve who we "were". Take exercise, nutrition or weight-loss....Over time by implementing small but significant changes is when you get the best results.

People often ask about the Genius rectification process and why it is difficult to get above a 30% initial rectification? Our answer is always the same... rather a smaller rectification to ensure a gradual shift that the body can hold onto, versus a major shift in the body which the body may resist & lean towards going back to it's original state of rest. We are creatures of comfort and tend to take the path of least resistance. Let's change that and even better you can use Genius Insight to help you along the way.
We always refer back to the age old homeopathic philosophy "More of less and less of more"
and implement a lot of sudden changes and expect to maintain those changes forever.

System overview

The above image illustrates the rectification process after applying balancing tones and helping the body to achieve optimal balance & harmony.

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