We Need Your Greatness!

We Need Your Greatness 

We need you! seriously….
Do you love the Genius Insight? Do you use it in your biofeedback practice? On yourself? If so, then please help us!
Dr. Ariel Policano is creating content for you to promote your business. We need a simple 20 minutes of your time to record how you are using the Genius Insight and anything you would like to share are about using it. Your story is absolutely crucial!

This is how people learn about the Genius – from your stories!

What is it?:

A 20 minute audio interview about how you are using the Genius Insight and any experiences you can share with us. After the recording, you will get an MP3 that you can post on your website or share with any prospects you would like to send as a referral. It is truly a win-win! Contact: Ariel Policano at ariel@awakentotalhealth.com. Call her at 866-276-7788 or let us know that you would like us to have Dr. Ariel get in touch with you.

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