Training 2017

New Online Basic Training Video's


New Online Basic Training Video's

Dr. Ariel Policano and Suzanne Covington have teamed up and created some phenomenal training video's covering every aspect of the Genius Insight App.... It will take you from a Zero to a Hero Genius user in a matter of Quantum Minutes!
They have spent the last 3 months overhauling the training program. Keep an eye on your email for more information to come. This is a fee based training program but something we are so so grateful for! A huge heartfelt thank you to the both of them!

Location Hands On Week-end Based Training

We are exploring the opportunity of offering a monthly Genius Insight training at a selected location starting on a Friday pm and ending Sunday 1pm. Naturally the best trainers will be present and naturally you will learn a great deal!
We are curious to know if this is something that would interest you? Please drop us an email and let us know your thoughts.

Online Energy Medicine Summit, Trade Shows and More

We are teaming up with some experts in the Wellness Industry and offering you an opportunity to join us online for our very first Energy Medicine Summit in May. We have also registered for a variety of trade shows around the USA and are looking for Trade Show demonstrators. If interested, please let us know.


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