System Overview Change on V 3.19 Genius Insight

System OverView Change on V 3.19 Genius InsightSystem Overview Version 3.19 Update

The Old Problem:
Before the new update, we felt the results displayed on the System Overview page were misleading because some of the users would only focus on the RED item (this was a limiting selection of only the Mind, Body & Biofield options)
As a result of this, they would not focus on or review the other 2 panels on the system overview page which were not red. The idea behind this kind of technology is that you use the app as an investigator tool to arrive at an immediate conclusion without reviewing all the data available presented you with a series of false positives.

The Solution
We felt the best way to address this issue was to provide you with an immediate snapshot of all the panels available on the system overview page. In doing this, you are able to get a much better overall idea about the various imbalances in the body.
Today, we made a further adjustment by removing the result on the Mind, Body, and Bio-field on the system overview page which in our opinion has improved the usability of the app and gives you a much better overall picture of the client's current imbalances.

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