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Genius Insight Application FAQ


Login Support



Question : I do not remember my password to my Genius Application Log in. How do I reset it?

Answer : Please select 'Forgot Password' Directly below the Log In box. If you do not receive your new password, please contact us and we can reset it for you.


Question My Genius Activation Code is not working. My details are as follows: Please have someone contact me immediately to resolve this issue.

Answer : 1. Please make sure you are entering your Genius Activation Key that was issued upon purchase. 2. Make sure you are entering your Genius Activation key on your registered genius profile account.




New Device Support



Question : I have a new device, how do I switch my Genius Application to my new device?

Answer : Please Install the Genius Application on your new device (see below) Once you have trusted the profile '8281602 Canada Inc.' Please then log into your registered Genius Account (username and password as previous device). You will be prompted to Validate your new device. Follow those prompts to get your new device validated. You will be all up and running within the hour.




Client Records/Database Restore/Sync to Genie Cloud



Question : How do I Import my dropbox database to the Genius Application?

Answer : Once you have logged into your profile, load a new client from client records, or enter a new client. Navigate to the System Overview. Once you are there tap the menu icon on the top right hand side. Proceed to Settings. Locate 'Import Dropbox Database' Enter your details. Follow prompts.







Question : I logged into my account and I have no client records, what do I do?

Answer : On the top right hand corner you will see a Sync Icon, select that. Select the sync icon for the all the various items that show up.







Question : How do I know my records saved during a session?

Answer : Navigate to the System Overview, select the Menu icon on the top right hand side. Select 'Genie Cloud : Sync Database'






Untrusted Developer


Genius Insight as an Enterprise App and not distributed via the App Store. A few steps are required for installation.






  • Once downloaded go to “Device Settings”
  • Scroll down to “General”
  • Scroll down to “Device Management”
  • Select “Profiles”
  • Select 8281602 Canada Inc. Profile and “Trust”
  • Proceed to open Genius Insight App


  • Ensure your Wifi is on
  • Download the app by clicking on the download button below
  • Once downloaded go to settings
  • Scroll down to Security
  • Select “Allow installation of 3rd party apps”
  • Tap on Genius Insight App & sign up