iLife/iNfinity Is Migrating Away From Dropbox

In light of these issues, we are currently migrating away from Dropbox and are in the process of implementing a server based backup and restore option. Your data, like always, is safely encrypted on the server. The added benefit is that the sharing and updating of libraries will be far easier without the pesky Dropbox issues.
The release of this update will occur in 2 stages to ensure a smooth transition. This is a huge task we have undertaken and once complete will represent over 150 man hours to complete something which seems so small yet is rather immense.
Stage 1:
We will release a new software update and as soon as you open the app, as long as you are connected to the internet, it will prompt you to save your database to the server. Please select OK and then proceed to use the iLife/iNfinity as per normal. During this stage (only a few days) you will not be able to add items or share items in your library
Stage 2:
We will then release a further software update which will then address the sharing and exporting of your libraries to fellow users.

In summary you can expect to receive 2 iLife/iNfinity updates within a short period of time to complete this migration process. Naturally you will be able to use the iLife/iNfinity off-line as per normal.

Lastly as many of you know, there are essentially 2 Quantum iLife/iNfinity Apps in circulation. These 2 different apps are being managed & developed by 2 separate companies: Quantum Life and Quantum Health Apps.

We recognize the confusion this is causing and as a result we, Quantum Health Apps have take the initiative to rebrand our current Quantum iLife/iNfinity app.
Our iLife/iNfinity app will now be called

Life Insights: Energetic Balancing From Within.

Other Important Changes: Life Insights

It is our recommendation that you should not have the iLife/iNfinity app and the new Life Insights app on the same device as there could be a technical glitch with both programs occupying the same device.

Going forward all Quantum iLife/iNfinity queries should be directed to Quantum Life and all Life Insight queries should be directed to Quantum Health Apps. Quantum Life is responsible for the on-going development and support of The Quantum iLife/iNfinity App while Quantum Health Apps will be responsible for the Life Insights App.

It is important to make this brand distinction. Both apps will be migrating away from Dropbox to ensure the continuous development.  While we believe the Genius to be our Flagship product, the on-going development & support of the Quantum iLife/iNfinity and Life Insights shall continue.

We thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to contact us.