Genius Insight: Understanding Vibrational Energy Techniques

Genius Insight App

A common question we get asked is why can't the client feel the transmission of the frequencies? Also what exactly is Vibrational Energy?

  Before we answer this question, it is important to understand the philosophy behind the Genius Insight App; what makes the Genius tick so to speak. It is important to understand that the Genius is a subtle energy technique.

What Exactly Is A Subtle Energy Technique?

  In our experience with vibrational energy, you have 2 options in terms of design and development: There is the subtle approach where you essentially work with the bodies energies and then there is the approach where you try to over ride the bodies own natural defense system. As an example, the traditional RIFE Machines or Scenar or TENS units employ this kind of technique. Basically the therapy is very strong and you can actually feel the transmission of the frequencies. In this instance, the products are over riding the bodies natural defense system and trying to push the body for a result. Subtle Therapies like Reiki, Quantum Biofeedback, Genius Insight are prime examples of an energetic modality where you do not physically feel the frequencies. In this instance using Subtle Energy Techniques, we are trying to coax the body... to stimulate the bodies own innate healing ability. We are not trying to over ride the bodies natural ebb and flow. At a cellular level, the voltage exchange between the cells is in minute milli volts. This is the level that we are working with. By stimulating the body with specific designated frequencies or energetic signatures, we are trying to tickle or remind the body what a "good" frequency is or what a "bad" frequency is. By activating the cellular memory, our goal is to "wake up" the body and stimulate the bodies own natural defense system and in doing this get the body back into balance naturally. Both of the techniques employed are effective and we are certainly not saying that Subtle Energy Techniques are better. There is a place for the employment of both modalities and we support the process of Vibrational Medicine. In summary, The Genius Insight App is working with the bodies own natural defense system and helping to guide you as a user to better ways to awaken the bodies self regulatory mechanism. After all, when we are suffering from an imbalance, the body is not able to regulate itself. It is our goal to help you better achieve a self regulatory process.  

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