Genius Insight Coffee Date 12/16


With world poverty & hunger plaguing our planet, global warming and real life struggles, we apologize for adding to the worlds stress! With that said, the bigger question is.... 
Did You Read Our Email Subject Line?

Were you as traumatized as we were, realizing our coffee date went South and somehow while in South Africa we ended up in Kauai! .....First world problems huh?

Luckily we have an explanation and.....NO, it does not involve collapsing particles or worm holes or even a Quantum Health Apps Time Machine App (iOS & Android compatible)

Today, we tasted a slice of Hawaii Heaven and ditched the traditional Friday latte while in South Africa.

Meet Kauai, started by 3 Californian college guys, this franchise reached South Africa in 1996. They serve delicious fruit smoothies and raw juices that are well quite divine. So no latte today, just a sexy live juice!

Few things to share today....We hope you can spare a few moments with us?


We have made some small software updates but rather profound at the same time.

Water Harmonizer App:

We have removed the 3 minute limitation. With the new download, the animations will now play indefinitely.

Quantum RIFE App:
(new design coming soon)

With the reintroduction of the Bija Mantra's, when you manually select the timer in seconds, a pop up box will appear indicating the total time for the session. Please pay attention to this as the Bija Mantra's will almost quadruple the number of Rife Frequencies being generated and therefore the time as well.

(The timer indicates the amount of time per individual freq and is not the total time or duration of the session)

*** NEW *** ***NEW*** ***NEW ***

Genie Support Lamp

short... sharp.... laser focused....easy to understand training video's



They produce the most comprehensive Genius Insight training video's to date! Dr. Ariel Policano and Suzanne Covington are thrilled to release "The Genie Support Lamp"

What Is The Genie Support Lamp?

A series of training video's designed just for you, in an easy to follow manner.

How Can I Get Them?

Shortly we will be releasing information on how to access the full library containing all the video's. This truly will take your practice to the next level!

Wait There Is MORE!

If you are considering purchasing the Genius Insight, do you know that we have a special deal for you?

Dr. Policano and Suzanne have graciously gifted us the initial basic training and set up video's for all NEW PURCHASERS! A $99 Value ~ FOR FREE!

Details to follow shortly .

A Little Bit More About Genie Support Lamp

With Your Genius Insight Purchase, You Get All This FOR FREE!

In this video series, the basic set up and operation of the Genius Insight are explained by our lead trainers Ariel Policano, ND and Suzanne Covington. The training covers how to begin a session, whether you are testing yourself or someone else. It also introduces the System Overview, the General Overview, the Quick Zap tray and the Main Hold tray and explains the different areas of testing including the body, mind and biofield testing areas.



$100 down?

We get it!

We know finances are tough. Here at Quantum Health Apps, we are always trying to find creative ways to share Genius Insight with our fans! So with that said, lets say we could offer you the option to purchase The Genius Insight for only $100 down? Would that interest you? Let us know here

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