Fractals In Food & Nature

Fractals In Food & Nature

Food and Fractals

Fractals In Food & Nature: The human brain loves patterns. From dizzying mandalas to ancient stained glass windows, fractals have fascinated us since ancient times. Fractals in food & nature have a peculiar link. Anyone who has ever looked at the Romanesco cauliflower in supermarkets will tell you it looks more like an alien life form than a vegetable. But Fractals In Food & Nature are more than just a pleasing pattern. Combining fractals in food & nature may actually be the key to unlocking a healthy state within the body.

Put simply, fractals in food & nature are self-similar patterns, which means they repeat themselves in a way that makes the same image appear at different levels throughout. So with fractals in food & nature that is divided would produce a similar image to the whole. So fractals in food & nature that is multiplied would make a bigger image of a similar pattern.

In another way, it can be said that the tiniest bits of matter resemble enormous pieces of the universe. It only takes one glance at an atom to see how it looks similar to the solar system, for instance.

The term fractal was coined by Mandlebrot in 1975, in an effort to describe an interesting phenomenon. Most man-made creations use very basic forms of geometry in their structure. Think of square buildings,  the straight lines of a desk, or the perfect dimensions of the phones we use everyday.

Mandlebrot was trying to reconcile the idea that nature does not use this system. In the natural world, it seems like there is only chaos. Bent trees, uneven landscapes, a splatter of stars in the sky. Yet Mandlebrot found that this imperfection was actually patterned chaosand that the natural world was actually full of patterns that defied reason. He dubbed these patterns as fractals in food & nature, and they’ve been popping up ever since (though they have always been there, of course).

More on Fractals In Food & Nature

Fractals In Food & Nature are found everywhere. From the food we eat to the galaxy itself, the patterns are simple to recognize once we know how to see them.

Examples of Fractals In Food & Nature in nature include:

Fractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & natureFractals in food & nature

Fractals In Food & Nature in Nature By Rebecca Dow, Sara Howard, Julie Russell, Jessie Buchheim, and Jordann Tomasek

Fractals in food & nature

Fractals in food & nature

Fractals in food & nature

Is there a link between Fractals In Food & Nature

Science is already discovering some amazing things surrounding fractals in food & nature. The fields of architecture, biology, and even the stock market have been forever changed through the use of fractals. But we are just scratching the surface.

Fractals In Food & Nature can also play a big role in how and what what we consume – particularly in water. Researchers in Water Journal recently noted that water in nature follows a fractal pattern. A river and its tributaries make an impressive fractal, but even on a smaller scale, water in nature will always try to create a fractal.

Pull the plug on a tub of water and what will happen? The water will create a vortex (which is a fractal) as it heads down the drain. This fractal actually causes the molecules to cluster together in similar fractal patterns.

This is amazing news! This means that water, the basic element of life, is influenced by fractals because it is a fractal. And this structured water is actually the best way to drink water. This is why drinking straight from the spring feels so refreshing. The water in our bodies is responding to the way water is supposed to be.

The water we are used to is broken down, chemically treated, dull, and lifeless. Whether sitting on a shelf in a plastic bottle for months or being passed through the treatment plant before reaching our tap, the water we are used to needs some help. Luckily, there is a simple way to bring this water back to life using fractals.

Combining The Power of Fractals In Food & Nature

Water happily responds to fractals because its natural structure is a fractal. Using fractals is the best way to restructure and revitalize the water we use daily.

Drinking fresh, structured water every day means:

  • Less toxins in the body
  • More energy
  • More hydration
  • Younger looking skin
  • Weight loss
  • Easier digestion
  • Improved mood

And because we are 70% water ourselves, better water means a better life.

There are many ways to get fractals into the water. Some companies sell bottled water that has been structured through fractals or vortexes, but there is a major problem with that. The natural structure of water does not last long once the fractals are gone! So a bottle of expensive fractal water is just as bad as a bottle of chemically treated water.

A popular way people put water into its natural state again is by drink directly from the spring. This is great if you are drinking directly from the spring every time; but even spring water stops being structured once it is put in a bottle.

The True Solution With Fractals In Food & Nature

The only way to guarantee that water is moving in the natural fractal state it loves is to infuse it with those fractals just before you drink it. We found the best way to do this was to put all the water-structuring technology we could find directly into an app. That way we could use the app every day, no matter where life takes us. At the coffee shop, the movies, camping, or at home; the Water Harmonizer App is the most powerful way to drink water the way it was meant to be.

The Water Harmonizer app energizes water molecules with fractal animations and solfeggio healing tones similar to Fractals In Food & Nature, providing the body with the living water it needs to thrive.

To experience Fractals In Food & Nature; for a short period of time we are letting our users download the app  for a free trial of what this amazing water harmonizer can do. No gimmicks or hidden fees, and no credit cards; nothing but pure, healthy water.

It is time to harness the power of Fractals In Food & Nature!


Water Harmonizer app

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