Celebrating Wine “Harvest” & What This Meant To Us

Harvest in the Santa Barbara Wine County is a BIG DEAL!

Essentially wineries have a limited amount of time to harvest and bottle their wine. 18 hour days are the norm and the work is not easy! Whoever said working in the wine industry was a breeze has never really worked the line before.  Friends invited us to help them bottle their wine and as an avid wine enthusiast, we jumped at the opportunity. It was a fantastic experience to learn how wine bottling actually works; from working the line where you feed the conveyor belt empty wine bottles and they come out the other side filled with Wine and a Label. Pretty slick if we dare say.
However what really caught my attention was the age old concept of “farmers” giving thanks and really celebrating “Harvest” This was so foreign to me as we are not “farmer boys”
It started off by everyone on the team sitting down to a well prepared lunch and some wine to taste. Sitting with 20 fellow “winers” and giving thanks for “Harvest” was an experience I will not forget in a hurry. The owner stood up, thanked everyone and gave thanks for “Harvest” Honestly we thought this tradition was long gone and to be part of a community sitting down and giving thanks for things we so often take for granted really puts so much into perspective. In our fast paced society, we nip into a market store and everything is at our immediate disposal, never giving a thought about the amount of effort behind the scenes to get this instant gratification in front of you in the market.
“Working The Line” has given us a new appreciation for those out in the field working under extreme conditions to satisfy our needs. So to all those “farmers” out there.. THANK YOU!

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