Moment of Gratitude

It is a Friday morning 8am and I am sitting in a French coffee shop (makes me feel a bit more international LOL) and I am trying to whizz through my emails and respond to each and every one of you…

Suddenly I realize I have a grin on my face… (still grinning while I type this) to realize I have not been this happy for a long time… Why you might asK? Well I just feel so alive but besides that it REALLY is because of your emails…Those that know me, know I am a “smart arse” which often lands me in trouble…

However reading some of your emails from for example Catherine telling me she is now officially a “Genius” (even though she still needs her codes), to Margret and Di asking for an animal app in a few weeks time… it all just makes me GRIN….Guess you are all “smart arses” or wait perhaps even “Geniuses” so today I sit back, inhale a ton of gratitude and send you all a “Big Friday Hug”


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