A Grumpy Waitress, Road Rage & The Genius Insight App

A Grumpy Waitress

We wanted to share 2 different experiences this week with you. Strangely though both happened in a single day which prompted a bit of introspection. While I was at a restaurant, I encountered what I felt to be a really rude waitress. Granted I was on the phone (for a change) and trying to place an order….

Then to top top it off, on the drive home my partner accidentally cut someone off on the road.
The kicker here is that both of these experiences can be directly related to your actual Genius App. This begs the question:

A Grumpy Waitress & Road RageA Grumpy Waitress & Road Rage

What Does A Grumpy Waitress & a Road Rage Incident have in common with The Genius App.

In a simple word “BIOFEEDBACK” Everything we do in life is a two way street. It is the feedback of information. It is how you send information and how you receive information. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. So in the instance of the waitress, once I actually got off the phone and engaged in a conversation I realize that the only person that was “grumpy” was me. And because that was my expression, that was my perception. As soon as I changed that expression she turned out to be an awesome waitress. In the case of road rage, instead of getting angry or confrontational both parties smiled at each other and the situation was instantly diffused.

So next time you are looking at the Genius Insight Results, realize that what you are looking at and how you perceive these results are a direct reflection of you and your experience. If you are looking at The Genius with a sense of frustration your feedback will be that of frustration. If you are look at the results from a true sense of health and well-being that will be your feedback mechanism. Always be clear and open when using The Genius App. As a practitioner and a provider of service, it is your obligation to always offer your client the BEST OF YOU!


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